Sunday, January 3, 2010

Storing data: Mozy

This post was transferred on January 3, 2010. It was originally posted on September 6, 2009.

Although I did buy a new USB drive for toting my classwork around from home to school and so on, I'm checking into online storage as well.

The first one I'm trying is Mozy. They have three options: MozyHome Free (2G), MozyHome ($4.95/month) and MozyPro (desktop license is $3.95 plus 50 cents/G per month, server license is $6.95 plus 50 cents/G per month, this is per computer or server).

For each person who joins Mozy from my referral, I would get an extra 256M per month, and so would the person who joins. I am not being compensated by Mozy in any other way, and this referral is what they offer everyone who signs up for MozyHome Free.

Already I don't believe this will work for me. The license agreement gives me the right to copy of the Software (in executable code form only) only on a single computer and only for the purpose of accessing and using the Service. This defeats the purpose I was looking for. I want to upload and download from multiple computers in order to work on the same files in different locations.

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Ruby said...

I think it’s a pretty good deal if what you really need is just one copy of the software. Isn’t it a very smart marketing strategy for that company? Actually, most online storage programs have this kind of technique to gain more clients or users. I’m glad that you took the time checking this kind of technology even though you already have hard drives. :) - Ruby Badcoe