Wednesday, January 29, 2003

There is a fake commercial on Nickelodeon about "Scream in a Box" as a device to keep you awake and give you more time to do things. Maybe I need that. I waste too much time on stuff like Neopets (brutal honesty here). I'm behind transcribing my notes from my "Exploring the Visual Arts" class. I've been putting them online so I can include links that I've looked up. I don't know if this is all a waste of time or what. Anyway, I was up til about 2:30 this morning and didn't finish Monday's notes. When I came home from picking the girls up from school, I was hoping to do today's notes. Well, I don't have time. I'll have to do them tonight when I get off work. Great. Sleep - what's that?

I want to change the template of this blog, but again, no time. Later, later, later...

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

This is my first published post on Blogspot. I tried multiple times to use Blogger to ftp to my website, but it just wouldn't work. I give up. I'll adjust. Now I'll be able to have archives and not have to change each week. I started blogging when my site was on Geocities. Each week I would rename the week's blog to indicate the date, add a link to the archive page, and start a new blog page with a new graphic scheme. That part was kind of cool, choosing a theme for the week. But, the whole thing is becoming unwieldy and could be a nightmare if allowed to continue.

So, I started looking at blogging website services. Geocities doesn't allow you to ftp unless you are paying for their service. So, I moved my site to my isp. I'm paying for their service already, so why not? I've found it's easier to update now and ftp is a breeze. However, the blogging services I've looked at mostly require you to use cgi or perl (or, of course, ftp) and I don't know what permissions I have and right now, I'm not interested in finding out.

Change of subject: we've had freezing rain in our area, north-central Iowa. Schools have closed or are dismissing early. I'm driving back to town now to pick my kids up before it gets worse. Fun.