Friday, December 19, 2014

Is anybody out there?

My interest in certain things ebbs and flows. I get caught up in a particular activity and ignore other things. I've had blog posts in mind but haven't been sufficiently interested to actually post them.

Maybe later.

In the meantime, a little catching up.

I had my first colonoscopy in November. Everything was fine, so I don't have to do it again for 10 years. The prep solution you have to drink was the worst. It tasted a little like salty pineapple, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but when you have to drink 1/2 gallon in the evening and another 1/2 gallon the next morning, the effect adds up. I had to measure out each cup and mark them off as I drank them. I played a level of Plants vs Zombies or a game of Solitaire each time I drank one, as a reward system. In the morning, though, I just couldn't drink the whole thing. I got to a point where if I had taken one more sip, it would have all come back up. :-( So I stopped. But, I feel that as long as the results are there, it's all good (I am NOT giving medical advice to others - your mileage may vary).

Cayla is home for Christmas. She's set to return to school around Jan. 9 or so.

Family Christmas will be at my place. We're having homemade enchiladas. It will be the Snyder side of the family (me, my sister and any of her kids and their families/friends who wish to come). I suggested to my girls that their dad can come on New Year's Day, as I'm off then. I do have to work on Christmas Day.

Yesterday was my 32nd wedding anniversary. Kent and I have been separated since September 2008, but not divorced because neither of us has filed (or neither of us can afford a lawyer). I found out (yesterday, on the wedding anniversary) that apparently he's engaged, but we don't know to whom. He unfriended me on Facebook quite a while back, so I don't get any updates from him. I don't usually go look at his page, so I'm not in the loop. Whatever.

Our microwave oven died, so I'll be heading out shortly to get another one. I had to wait until payday, of course. Amanda has been making pizza rolls in the oven. I'm not sure if Cayla cares one way or the other, but Amanda and I use the microwave a lot.

My van has this weird thing where the "communications array" doesn't work from time to time. What that means is the dashboard indicators don't indicate, so I would have no idea how fast it's going or how much gas is in it. Driving in town, that's not a problem, as I can tell the approximate speed by what the engine and muffler sound like. But for picking Cayla up at school, it does cause problems. I'm reluctant to drive highway speeds when I'm not sure exactly how fast I'm going.

But my mechanic told me there are apps that will calculate speed based on GPS. So on Dec. 12, I tried that - I went down to Ames using the app the whole way there and back. It does work. So did the speedometer for that trip (taking Cayla her birthday presents and spending time with her) and one this Wednesday to pick Cayla up for her break.

One more thing about the van: I had decided to keep it running as long as possible. I've spent a lot of money on it so far: new starter, brakes, a couple of things in the front wheels (a tie rod for one), new tires (3 brand new, 1 used in good condition). Last week, after having some problems when the van would start (it was either sluggish, or would start, die and have to be started again), I put the key in and turned it and the thing went nuts. It wouldn't start, but the door locks were locking and unlocking rapidly - even after I took the key out of the ignition. I ended up having it jump-started and drove it to the mechanic. It needed a new battery. So I had to pay for a new battery and the jump start. The battery probably cost more than one from Walmart, but I had to get it through my mechanic because it was between paydays and he will hold a check. (I just checked - not quite as much difference as I expected, but a bit more.)

So now, new battery. That, getting a new microwave, and having Cayla home for three weeks (another mouth to feed) make things a bit tight. So Christmas won't be about what's under the tree (we don't have one, and nearly all my Christmas stuff was stolen by Kent's friends a few years ago), but about hanging out with family. I guess that's not entirely a bad thing.