Sunday, January 28, 2007

A change of perspective

So, it's Sunday evening and I'm sort of watching America's Funniest Home Videos. This show has the ability to get me laughing until I cry. But not tonight.

They showed a montage of people falling. They cut to the audience laughing. I'm not even cracking a smile.

You see, Mom fell today, on the sidewalk outside her apartment. She was about six feet or so away from her door. I was waiting in the car for her and Cayla, looking at the Sunday paper. I glanced up and there Mom was, on her knees.

I ran out of the car, leaving it running, and ran to her. Cayla and I couldn't get her up on her feet. A man who was there to visit someone else in the apartment complex came over to help. We still couldn't get her up. I called 911 while Cayla brought out a folding chair and the stranger and Cayla got her into the chair while I was on the phone.

The EMTs came, then the ambulance from Trinity. They checked her out, then took her to the hospital because we wanted a more thorough exam (including X-rays, since Mom has had two knee replacements). Cayla changed into jeans (she had spent the night) and we went to church, so I could drop off my lesson manual and stuff for Sharing Time. Then, we drove through McDonald's for Egg McMuffins and went to the hospital.

We stayed there for a couple of hours, until Mom could leave. The doctor said the X-rays didn't show anything wrong, but they will have a radiologist check them, as well. I took Mom home and Cayla stayed with her. Kent is on his way to pick her up.

I took a nap this afternoon, but I'm still exhausted. It's been too much excitement. I could probably go to sleep now (7 p.m.) and sleep til morning, if I didn't have stuff to do for tomorrow.

But, you can see why watching people fall wouldn't be funny for me tonight. It's too close to home.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's my birthday ...

No presents in sight, but that's okay. I don't have to deal with selfish husband today. He hasn't called, so apparently the significance of the day has passed him by. Whatever ... I mean, we have been married 24 years, but it's nearly over. Still, it would be a courtesy.

Anyway, on to better things. I got information in the mail yesterday from Iowa Central about the graphics technology program. I think that would be helpful in my work at the paper. I am a copy editor now, but it would be good to have the extra skills/abilities to create graphics.

I think Cayla has church tonight and I know that Amanda does, so we'll be going. I've got $15, so we'll go out for supper beforehand. I should do laundry. I should find my genealogy stuff. I've got a whole list of things I should be doing. What I want to do is play the Sims2, but I'm not sure where the CD is. I don't have it installed on this computer yet.

Maybe I should try hooking up the dryer belt since Kent couldn't do it. Then I wouldn't have to go to the laundromat to dry clothes. Or I should look for a divorce lawyer ...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What I learned today, or check your phone bill carefully ...

It's a long, involved story, but the short version is Kent is in another state, staying with the family of a woman he met over the Internet. He plans to stay there, come back every month for his disability check and generally leave us on our own. Whatever ...

He's run up horrendous phone bills - hundreds of dollars over the past few months. In November, when I went to pay the bill, I was going to freeze the long distance. However, I saw that they had a plan that had basic phone services with a few extras like call waiting and voice mail, high-speed Internet, [B]unlimited long distance[/B] and a Dell computer. It was cheaper than what I was already paying for phone service and high-speed Internet, so I signed up. I got my first complete bill since the signup today and was billed for all the phone calls. So, I called my phone company.

The customer service rep was very helpful. He looked back and found when I signed up. The person who put my new service into the computer didn't cancel my old service, so I got billed the higher amount. He corrected that. He also found something I hadn't noticed on my bill - I was being billed by two companies: The Billing Resource and Enhanced Services Billing. He gave me numbers for both of those and I called to cancel the service.

The first company was actually billing for another company: Nationwide Voice Messaging. Apparently Kent signed up on a marketing Web site for $1,000 worth of grocery coupons and this 800 service that sends voice mails to his e-mail address. I got him blocked - he can't sign up again. Both companies said that the service was canceled, both said they issued credits to my account. They also both said it takes 1-2 billing cycles to be complete, so I will need to keep an eye on my bill.

So, although I feel kind of silly for not going over my phone bill line by line (I would just look at the long-distance portion and complain to Kent), it looks like this will be resolved to my satisfaction.