Sunday, January 3, 2010

A mixed bag

This post was transferred on January 3, 2010. It was originally posted on October 13, 2009.

I've had some good days and bad days lately - I suppose everyone does. Yesterday, I was feeling ill and in pain (abdominal distress is enough info for public knowledge). So I called work to say I wasn't feeling well but I would try to come in. Hoping to hear "we'll try to get along without you" but heard "we'll see you when you get here." Sigh.

So I got to work late. When I'm sick, it takes me even longer to get ready. So I got to work and managed the best I could. I had arranged for Cayla to walk to Donna's after school, so we could go grocery shopping after I got off work. It was nearly midnight when we got home.

And I ran over a possum on the way home. I apologized to Cayla, then said at least it wasn't a skunk. I don't think she was impressed.

Because I wasn't feeling well, I didn't eat or drink much. I drank less than a 20-ounce Dr Pepper and this morning I woke up with a massive headache.

Cayla missed the bus at her stop, but I managed to get her to another stop in town. I got a nap in and made it to class on time (Kent drove so I wouldn't have to find a parking spot). I'm not feeling as bad as I did yesterday, so I'll have to go to work. At least I don't have to do obits tonight.

Looking forward to tomorrow. One class early in the morning, so I can nap after that. Yay naps!

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