Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free searches on is allowing free searches of Sons of the American Revolution applications through July 4.

This database contains applications for membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution approved between 1889 and 31 December 1970.  The applications are  arranged in packets. It may be helpful to scroll through the images to  find all information relating to the applicant.

The DAR has a database that allows searches of patriots and descendants. I discovered that an ancestor of mine did serve in the Revolutionary War and several people have achieved membership in the DAR through one of his children. I am descended from another child, but it shouldn't be too difficult to prove.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A series of mishaps, or why I picked a bad week to quit Dr Pepper

I decided to stop drinking Dr Pepper after my last one Friday night. So, all day Saturday and all day Sunday, with headaches on and off.

At church yesterday, I locked my keys (both sets) in the car, necessitating a call to ask my niece Jessica to take Cayla home to get her key. We went home after that.

Our power went out just before midnight last night due to a bad storm and didn't come back on until 11:12 this morning (one minute after I made an 11:11 wish that the power would come back on).

Booboo woke me up at 5 a.m. puking on the foot of my bed. I threw him on the floor and he immediately jumped back up to finish puking on the head of my bed.

I woke up at 8 a.m. (had my alarm set for this purpose) and called the phone company to tell them I would bring the money in today that I was supposed to bring yesterday, and the customer service representative assured me that my service would continue today.

Two hours later I woke up again and tried the phone, but it was disconnected. Apparently Mr. CSR is a liar and also doesn't document his work, because when I finally got through to make a payment on the phone (fourth? fifth? call to them today?) there was no record of that call. There were other calls, including one where the guy (Dennis in Florida) said that if I make the past due payment the service would be turned back on. The last guy gave a different amount, but we finally settled on what I expected.

In between, though, were a trip to the bank to take out money, a trip to the pawn shop to pawn my flat-screen TV, and lunch. Because I hadn't eaten up to that point. And when I got to the phone company, there was a sign that they would be back at 1:30. I left at 1:45 to go buy a prepaid Visa gift card in order to pay the bill over the phone, which I finally accomplished in a phone call using Kent's cell that lasted 30+ minutes.

And all of this adds up to why my first purchase today was a Dr Pepper. And my next purchase might well be one, as well.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The dreams we dream

I often have what I call "weird dreams." Because they are. Some make me feel like I wasn't actually asleep, so I wake up nearly as tired as when I went to bed.

Today's was a doozy.

I can only remember a little bit, so I'll give the Cliff Notes version.

It involved the crew of Serenity. Somehow there was a thieving team or mafia upset with them. It may have had something to do with a possible client of Inara's, or a similar situation to "The Train Job" when Mal returned what was stolen and angered Niska.

At any rate, there was a scene (yeah, well, it seemed like a movie) where the bad guys were shooting and the crew decided to try to talk their way out of it. Mal told them the crew would come up and he started up a really long ladder. On the way, he picked up a pan that had been shot, so it had bullets in it. He dumped the bullets into a pan that already had lead, saying something about not wasting it. (My dad used to make bullets for his muzzle-loader, and I got to watch when I was a kid.)

Now it gets weird(er). River told the Doctor (oh, yeah, did I forget to mention it's a Serenity-Doctor Who crossover/mishmash? It is.) that she would do something, but he needed to cross the time (streams? lines? I'm not sure). He got in the TARDIS (and I don't remember which version of the Doctor it was) and she got to work.

Somehow River "fixed" flaws in each of the thieving team. It was like rewriting each person's history. Two of the team members had feelings for each other, and she had them get married. This gave hope to others. One guy was in a wheelchair, and somehow she fixed that, too. She saved the team leader for last. There was a sort of badge or something in the ground with a swirly design and she manipulated that, acting as if the Doctor wasn't coming back and she was trying to reset it.

Then River "fixed" the team leader, who was also in a wheelchair. The leader expected to be healed from whatever cause the problem, but instead, she disappeared. River looked sad and said something about the team not needing her any more. It was like the team leader was erased from history.

There was a little bit more. It was like the original timeline was the way it was because these flawed people got together and their flaws worked things up to a certain point. By taking the certain flaws away, they could go in a more normal direction. The two people who got married (originally a thief and a whore) gave hope to others that they could find love. They didn't have to steal - didn't feel that was the only option available.

There may have been a hint of Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" series in there, as well. I recently finished reading the first three books, and there was a tight-knit thieving crew in the series.

But, yeah, it's just weird. And there's the fact that I woke up with a caffeine hangover - I do know better than to drink (diet) Dr Pepper late at night, but I did anyway. I can't help but think the caffeine had something to do with the dream.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A pain update

Since my last post, which was on a very painful day, I did have a couple more days like that. That Sunday (June 12) was pretty bad. By Wednesday it was getting better, until I was getting dressed to take Mom to the podiatrist's office. While pulling my jeans on, my left leg twisted and pulled a muscle or something, causing a lot of pain. I called Donna to see if she could take Mom so I could go back to bed and not have to be out running around, but she didn't have her car. So I went.

Mom's appointment went okay, and we even grabbed something to eat and sat in the car for awhile. The weather was nice and with the windows open it was quite breezy. We were parked in the shade in the Walmart parking lot. I felt the need for a chocolate milkshake, so I went to Ja-Mar's before dropping Mom off at home.

My knee hasn't given me too much grief since then. I've had more problems with muscle cramps in the calf of that leg. But overall it's been slight pain and some weakness.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My day so far

Got up (always a plus), dressed, and out the door for an ancestry workshop by the DAR. Had McDonald's breakfast on the way there. Was a little late, but no worries. I got some information, learned how to look things up on the public part of the DAR website and learned some things.

Then I went to the flea market. Parked my car, walked all the way to the main building, where I bought Avon deodorant from 2 vendors. I like to spread my money around. ;-) I also got popcorn, which I had to wait for, but it was good.

Then I went looking for eggs. Barbara had raved about the eggs she had bought there before. So I tried to find the vendor. I went north and south from the main building, then all the way north and around, through the barns and back to the main building. Possibly I didn't go far enough south, but even by the time I left the building, I was having problems.

So. Much. Pain.

My left knee, my right knee a bit, my left ankle, my lower back. Whatever benefit my fairly good night's sleep (one interruption, about an hour lost) had gained was competely lost. When I got home, I grabbed a package of cookies and the rest of the milk and that was my lunch. I'm going to take a nap now before I have to go to work.

There is still some grocery shopping in my immediate future, as well. That will be short but not very sweet.

And after all the walking, I never did find the vendor I was looking for, so I ended up going back to one of the Avon vendors because she had a sign for eggs and I bought a dozen there. I hope they are worth it.

Update: More about the pain here, and about the eggs:  I couldn't tell how much of a difference there was between the eggs I bought at the flea market and regular store-bought eggs. Until last night, when I wanted a quick meal and only had one flea market egg left, so I cooked one of each. There is quite a difference. One yolk was yellow and one was orange. I couldn't tell if there was any taste difference, but it certainly looked healthier. And as it turns out, I bought the eggs from the same person Barbara did, I just heard her directions wrong or something.

DAR update: I did some research on at church last Wednesday and found a direct line to a Revolutionary War soldier. I will do research to verify this and might apply to the DAR. Whether I apply to DAR or not, it's valuable information and I'm kind of looking forward to pursuing it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is not exactly a book review, especially since I haven't finished the book. It's a warning: Do not read this book just before bedtime.

It is unsettling.

I lay part of the blame for my three hours of wakefulness in the middle of the night on this book. It's a fascinating read, and I will finish it, but not at nighttime.

What we learn to live with

I have been in increasing, almost constant pain for probably a couple of months now. My left knee is stiff and painful, especially when I stand or walk. When I sit, my leg becomes numb and/or painful. Sometimes the pain radiates up or down my leg. Stairs are a killer. Walking with this pain is such a problem it affects how I walk, to the point where my right knee is sometimes affected, as well.

I even started taking pain pills, which is very rare for me. I stopped taking them because they didn't seem to help, but I'm going to start again. I'm taking a store brand naproxen sodium.

But I haven't seen anyone about it.

I don't have health insurance - the premiums at work were too high, and the kids are currently covered. So I muddled along thinking I can deal with whatever comes along. I keep limping - last week at work a co-worker called me "Hopalong." I gave my witty reply back and it was well-received. But people at work will notice today, because I was off for two days and it always shocks them to see it again.

Last night, I work around 2:30 a.m. I couldn't sleep again for about 3 hours. It wasn't the pain - my knee hardly hurt at all, except when I was up moving or trying to find a good sleeping position. Part of my problem was restlessness and the effects of reading the wrong book before bedtime, and part was, I think, possibly sleep apnea - except I was awake. I just kept seeming to stop breathing and then gasping for breath. Not restful at all.

So I'll be going on to work with sleep deprivation and pain, but that's fairly normal. It's what I've learned to live with.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Things to do, places to go, people to talk to

 Today's laundry list:
  • Go to hospital to visit Mom, who was held overnight for observation after having chest pains.
  • Pay interest on laptop.
  • Put gas in car.
  • Call phone company.
  • Call Chamber of Commerce for Cayla's costume for the parade tomorrow.
  • Call landlady.
  • Fill out and return reporting form.
  • Library - need an article for June 4.
  • Go to work.

Here's where I'm at right now:

  • Go to hospital to visit Mom, who was held overnight for observation after having chest pains. (Update: just talked to Donna. Mom will be going home soon, so I won't be going to visit her at the hospital. Which is fine, since I've got to get to work.)
  • Pay interest on laptop.
  • Put gas in car.
  • Call phone company.
  • Call Chamber of Commerce for Cayla's costume for the parade tomorrow. (Called, left message, no response. So we're taking Cayla there.)
  • Call landlady.
  • Fill out and return reporting form. (Can't find my Nanny Goats in Panties pen, so I have to find another pen to fill this out.)
  • Library - need an article for June 4.
  • Go to work.
I need to take a shower and get dressed, then we can do all the running-around stuff. I'm going to have to do the hospital and go to work, then do the rest afterwards. Kent will take Cayla to the Chamber after dropping me at work.

And I should do laundry, as well.