Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's just a cold

but I feel like crap. I have had weird things going on with my ears for over a week. They crackle. It's like they have fluid in them or something. I haven't gone to the doctor because I don't have insurance and I owe them money.

Saturday I woke up with a throat that felt hot and tight. Not sore, exactly ... And I'm all full of snot.

Maybe I should put an "ewww factor" warning on this post. Sorry.

Anyway, I did work Saturday but didn't go to church on Sunday. I worked Monday because there were two things I had to do that nobody else either knew how to do or would be willing to do. The second item was copy editing, and I was supposed to have had that done by last Friday, but was too busy, what with working 10 days in a row and all. The first item was obits, and I have to do those on Mondays and Thursdays, plus days that Jean takes off (which was part of the reason I worked 10 days in a row). So I went to work.

I also couldn't use the excuse that the roads were too bad, because the other two people scheduled to work live farther away from town than I do.

But, they sent me home and pretty much ordered me not to work today if I feel as bad. Which is kind of a given. I've been taking Zicam since Sunday, and I think it's helping to loosen up the congestion. I got the dissolvable kind, and I think each one tastes worse than the one before.

I'm going back to bed now.

Oh, and I made an important discovery yesterday. If you blow your nose enough times, even the facial tissues with lotion aren't soft enough. Blahhh.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Two-hour delay (now closed)

I think the schools may have learned a lesson from last Tuesday. The weather wasn't so bad, exactly, but the little snow that had fallen was being blown around by the wind. Driving through it was like driving in fog. The schools did not have a delay. They realized later that the driving conditions were bad, but5 by that point they decided th at the conditions were too bad to let the kids go home. Humboldt made plans to take elementary kids to the high school if conditions stayed bad and parents couldn't pick their kids up. Luckily, the winds dropped and they were able to bus kids home. I didn't wait. I packed up a bag with clothes and got blankets for Cayla and me and picked her up. I planned that if the weather stayed bad, we would stay at Mom's. We did get to go home that night.

My point in all of this is that because the schools didn't have a two-hour delay, the kids stayed in school all day. If there had been a delay, there wouldn't have been school at all. Today, there's a two-hour delay,and I won't be surprised if it they decide later to just have no school today. Right now there's 139 listings of schools with delays on KCCI.com.

And I'm miserable, by the way. I woke up Saturday with a throat that felt hot and tight, and a nose full of snot. I worked Saturday, but didn't go to church on Sunday. I had Kent drive me into town later and did two loads of laundry at the laundromat Sunday night. The fact that I had Kent drive my car should tell you how bad I was feeling. I still feel like crap. My problem is that I didn't get something done at work that is due this morning, so I feel like I should go in early to finish it. But, the way I feel, I should call in sick. But I can't call in sick because there is nobody who can do what I do if I'm gone.

UPDATE: There's no school today. I'm playing Sims Castaway Stories for a bit, then going back to bed.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Pie chart

In response to a thread entitled Best Pie Chart Ever, I have come up with my own version:

The other contenders are:
Pac-Man, which brings up Pac-Man's skull,
Ninja turtles,
Profanity (warning: profanity),
and the ultimate(ly useless) Venn diagram.