Friday, February 27, 2009

Mormon Messages

I just learned about the MormonMessages channel on YouTube:

Mormon Messages is an official channel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I watched Dieter F. Uchtdorf - CREATE and it made me think. One of the screens said, Don't let the voice of critics paralyze you. I am guilty of this - and the voice is my own. I am very self-critical and have been all my life.

In kindergarten or first grade, we made (small - you could hold in one hand) clay pots "like the Indians" and painted them. In my mind's eye, I see my effort: misshapen and covered with blotches of paint. Then I see the other kids' works of art: symmetrical and painted with even lines and dots like "real" Indian pottery.

I know this is not true - the other kids could not have created what my mind recalls. But at that tender age, I decided that I was not artistic and carried that belief throughout my life. I'm still struggling with it at age 48, but trying to do better.

I'm taking classes in web technology at Iowa Central. Some of my classes involve creating new art within guidelines of using techniques in the books. I procratinate and waiver about these assignments. But I have a deadline - everything up til now has to be turned in next Wednesday. So I've got to get cracking - innate creativity or not.

And I'll keep telling my inner critic that I am a daughter of God and he created me with talents and abilities even if I haven't figured them all out yet. I do know that practicing something helps you improve, and living a teaching helps you gain faith in that teaching.

And I'll check out MormonMessages on YouTube for more inspiration. These are uplifting videos with a message of hope. I do caution that if you click on one and then click on related videos, you might find anti-Mormon videos there, as well. So click your "back" button to go back to MormonMessages and select a new video from there. You can click "see all" at the bottom right side of the screen to see more choices. There are currently 11 to choose from.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Following new blogs

I've added a couple new blogs to my blogroll. First: Olivia. Olivia is mooshinindy's sister-in-law and the post I was directed to (dated Feb. 22, 2009) is her response to a troll. I'm kind of sorry I didn't see what the troll said, but her response is great.

Second is "Hurley" from Lost: Jorge Garcia. His blog is Dispatches from the Island and he talks about his life and the show. Confession time: I've only seen the first episode of the show - it's on Wednesdays and the girls have church then. But Jorge Garcia kind of looks like my nephew Alex and he has a good sense of humor - definitely a good read.

I also added Cake Wrecks. I check this blog from time to time - it's always a good read and often has me laughing until tears run down my face. The motto is "when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong." Some are simple spelling errors or mistranslation between what the customer says (filtered through the person taking the order) and what the decorator thought the customer wanted. Some are decorators decorating beyond their abilities. Some are just bad ideas.

so, there are some new entries to my list. I've got ideas for a blog or two I want to start, but little time to pursue the ideas, and one of my main ideas could get me in trouble at work (competition-wise). So I can't take that one where I want to, but I could hand it off to someone else ... if she would/could do it. I want to learn more about WordPress, though, and how to deal with my domains/hosting on I've gotten Amanda a domain name for her clan on Graalonline and set up a site for her, but it overwrote my site, so now I have to get that all figured out. But not tonight. I have a test in Layout Design 2 in the morning - first class - and I only started that chapter today. Yikes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Random babble

I have a set of classes that meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I have not attended them yet this week. I went today, only a few minutes late, to discover that the classes had been canceled. I didn't think to check the notices online. D'oh. And I parked way the heck out in the west side of the parking lot, so had a long walk to the building where my classes are, then a long walk back.

So I ended up going to drop off Mom's new prescription that she got on Monday that I keep forgetting to drop off. I asked the pharmacists how long, he said 15 minutes, which is what he always says. So I went back to my car and read the Ensign that Mom had given me a few days ago. And I went back in.

Her prescription wasn't ready, so I waited. I ended up standing for about 1/2 hour. I went back out to my car and pulled out a book and read some more, then went back in. Still not ready. I tromped down the stairs to their bathroom, which is actually under the stairs and there's nothing to hang your coat on, then back upstairs. Still not ready. A few minutes later, finally ready. But I complained. I pointed out that if the pharmacist had said "an hour" instead of "15 minutes" I would have gone somewhere else and come back, instead of standing for half an hour. My knees would feel a lot better right now if I had done that.

And I drove through Wendy's for lunch, then parked and ate in my car while reading. I went home and took a nap. Now I'm getting ready to get ready for work. (Delaying until the last possible moment apparently.) I'm off work tomorrow, which is good. I'm going to a R.S. meeting in Ames, and there may be hanging around time later while the presidency is in a meeting, but if I take a book and a notebook, I'll be okay. Plus, one of my favorite people from church is also going, so we can hang out together while we're waiting for our ride home.

Something to look forward to. ;-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Manta Mania!! Win a Trip for 4 from Izea to SeaWorld in Orlando

GeekMommy is one of six bloggers running contests for trips to SeaWorld Orlando. The requirements are: post a comment (for first entry), tweet (for an additional entry) and blog (for an additional entry).

So, this is my blog entry. I should go look for those photos from SeaWorld San Diego ... where I went with a school trip years ago. I was filling in for a friend of the family, accompanying her daughter's class. I took lots of pictures and learned that you don't want to sit front and center for some of the shows. Luckily, we dried off quickly. ;-)

I remember petting dolphins and being amazed at the colors of the sea creatures in pools where you can just go up and look at them closely. It's educational and fun.

This trip for four includes riding the Manta. This kind of freaks me out because I probably can't ride anyway, but I am a little afraid when riding roller coasters. But I've gained a lot of weight since the last time I rode one, and I honestly don't think I would fit. I hate to say it, but it's true. But I know that Cayla at least would loooovvve to ride this thing.

So, this post is my entry into the contest at GeekMommy. Five other bloggers are able to offer the same opportunity, thanks to IZEA and SeaWorld. The rules are here. It sounds like one entry per person per entry method, regardless of which blog you use. So, since I entered through GeekMommy, I can't enter through any of the other blogs. (I think.) There is one grand prize of a trip for four to SeaWorld Orlando. There are six prizes of gift bags of SeaWorld merchandise. So, if you are interested, read the rules, find a blog and enter.
Enter at:
Julia Roy
Alexander Schek

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

World to end this Friday ...

because of something in Unix? Apparently this Friday (Feb. 13, 2009) the time will read at 1234567890 in Unix. Huh?

Will somebody explain this to me - in a way that someone not a programmer can understand? I got the Y2K thing when that was going on - and no, I did not hunker down in my bunker with stored food, water and ammunition.

I have no idea what the Unix thing is about. And Mom, if I don't get it, I'm pretty sure you won't - no offense. It's just a goofy thing that Amanda showed me.

Friday, February 6, 2009


My Adobe software should arrive today. I'm getting the student edition of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver. This should help a lot with getting my homework done. And it should be fun. ;-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Contest for soothing and uplifting CD

Anne Bradshaw at Not Entirely British blog has a contest going to give away a CD of "Thy Healing Hands Songs of Comfort and Peace" by Sara Lyn Baril.

I'd like to win this. The winner will be picked at random, but I'll tell why I would like it. I like a variety of music. Sometimes I listen to one type of music or one artist exclusively for awhile. But the variety is the thing. And I don't have much music by LDS artists.