Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday :-)

to the brand-new members of our family: two cavy pups. (Aka guinea pig pups)

There are two, and they mimic the coloring of their parents: one is reddish-brown and white and the other is reddish-brown, white and black. Pumpkin, the adult male, may have earned himself a new name - Doofus. We separated him from the adult female (Cayla calls her Mercedes Cow and I call her Mama) and the pups in the hope that we could prevent an immediate pregnancy. He whined, whistled in distress and generally made such a nuisance of himself, we had to put him back with the rest of his family.

He immediately began trying for a second litter, so to speak. Mama would have none of that and I had to take him out after a few minutes. Cayla and I worked on the cage and got it to be bigger and safe enough for the moment. I had made the base from the largest under-bed storage box I could find, and the wire cubes were on the inside. They are on the outside now, and tied at junctions with yarn. For now. I want to get the cable ties for more security.

Part of the problem with the storage box is that it's not the right width to work with the cubes. I had to bend two of them. The important thing is that they have more room and it's safer for the pups - they can go right through the spaces in the wire cubes.

Oh, and we have switched - for now at least - from regular bedding to fleece fabric. We had some remnants we were going to use for projects, but have cut them into pieces to use on the floor of the cage. I'm not sure how long that will last. I have seen where other people do this, so I'm not the only one.

Anyway, I'm tired and need to try to get some sleep.