Sunday, January 3, 2010

The power of Twitter

This post was transferred on January 3, 2010. It was originally posted on April 14, 2009.

Before I head off to bed, an observation.

There was a fire in Fort Dodge Tuesday night. There's always a bit of an adreline rush when something like this happens. I tend to try to focus on what I need to do. But in the midst of this, when I wasn't busy, I tweeted about the fire and listed the address.

I got a response from a co-worker, who said that the fire is about a block from her house but she wasn't home. She said she'd be looking for the news on The Messenger's website. I told her I would be posting something soon.

One of the reporters had suggested to me some time ago that we use Twitter to post headlines. I'm thinking this is a good idea. It's a bit limited, but this is one case when it can be useful. I know I'll get resistance at work, through, even if I offer to be the main tweeter.

Anyway, I'm really heading off to bed now. If you are in a praying mood, I think there's a family in Fort Dodge that could use some prayers. At least one person was injured in the fire, possibly seriously injured.

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