Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

The girls and I went to church. I taught the Priesthood lesson in the Old Testament primary manual because the oldest boy in my class turns 12 next month. Our bishop came in and talked about the priesthood. There were only 2 kids in the class - Cayla and the boy who will turn 12. (It would have been pointless to teach that lesson if he wasn't there, right?) ;-)

After church, we took Mom home and Cayla cleaned her kitty litter box. Well, okay, her cat's kitty litter box, if you want to get technical about it. Then I took Cayla over to Donna's to spend the night. Donna is going to take her over to Mom's later for an overnight there.

Kent had a roast cooking when Amanda and I got home. We had lunch, then I took a nap. I had a horrible headache all day, which was still there when I woke up. Kent wanted to go to Culver's for supper. We had never been before. I liked the onion rings - easier for me to eat than the rings from Sonic. And the lemon smoothie with strawberries was great.

Now I'm hungry.