Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I haven't blogged in over a month ... sounds like a confession, doesn't it? I wanted to, but don't always get time when I want to say something. Kent hogs the computer when he's home, so if I want to blog, I have to do it when he's at work or late at night.

Good things have happened: Cayla turned 8 and got baptized Saturday. Bad things have happened: Kent ran the cell phone bill up - $345 and a check Mom wrote me for a loan bounced so that I have to pay the $20 overcharge fee plus $5 per day and I don't know how many days her bank is charging for. It looks like my check tomorrow will go for bills and bank charges, and forget about Christmas presents for the girls. I was going to spend $50 on each girl for Christmas... they will have to wait until Kent gets paid next week.

That's another issue. Besides the whole - he doesn't like my input on his money thing - his company started mailing the paychecks instead of overnighting them to the job site. So, instead of getting his check on Wednesday every two weeks, they've been coming on Friday. The first payday had Veterans Day in it, the second had Thanksgiving Day. The last one didn't have a holiday, but it's the busiest mailing season of the year. Next week has Christmas... I just hope his check arrives on Friday and not Saturday.

It's going to be difficult to explain to the girls (ages 8 and 10) that they won't get Christmas presents on Christmas, they will have to wait until Daddy gets his check. Thanks, Securitas office in Des Moines... for making my Christmas just a little bit brighter. Thanks, Mom, for not telling me about the extra bank charge until I was already in a crappy mood (the last words out of my mouth before she told me about the charges) to tell me about the bank charges. Thanks, Kent, for having to talk to your internet friends before 9 p.m. when we have unlimited minutes.

Now I have to go get ready for work. I have a migraine... could it get any better than this?