Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gunne Sax

This post was transferred on January 3, 2010. It was originally posted on May 11, 2009.
I was reminded at work about the Boston Store, which closed in 1979 (the year I graduated from high school). I specifically remember two things we bought there: a chair and my first Gunne Sax dress.

The chair was a ladderback with arms and a rush seat. Mom liked it and bought it, and we always called it the Boston Store chair. She took it with her every time she moved for nearly 30 years, even though the seat was gone. She always planned to get it recaned. I finally convinced her to give it away - through Freecycle - to someone who was learning to do caning.

My first Gunne Sax dress was black calico in at least three patterns. It had long sleeves, and the neckline was a little low, so I usually wore a black Gunne Sax blouse (sheer) under it. I wore it to my grandparents' funerals (Mom's parents, in 1979 and 1981).

My Gunne Sax collection eventually consisted of the black dress, a pink and white dress something like this, a black sheer blouse, a skirt and also a dress that I sewed from a Gunne Sax pattern. That one had spaghetti straps, which I made from ribbon, so I always wore a T-shirt under it. The skirt came just below my knees - not full-length.

The pink dress was very similar to the one on Etsy. It was only pink and white. So imagine all the white parts the same, but where the red calico is on the dress on Etsy, my dress had a solid very light pink color. I also wore something under this one, due to neckline issues. Also, at full length, it was pretty long on me - I'm 5'4" and was probably a size 13 or 15. I wore this dress to church, and also to the TWIRP dance (The Woman is Required to Pay) at the high school - the only high school dance I attended. I asked a guy from church (Bruce Miller) who didn't go to my high school. He was kind enough to accept, and I had a good time. Thanks, Bruce!

So, just bringing up the Boston Store started me on a little trip down memory lane. I'm going to start using tags on my blog entries, and I think I'll use "blast from the past" for this type of post.

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