Saturday, October 29, 2016

What's new? A few things, maybe

So my last post was on the second to last day of last year. I had a good Christmas.

I expect I'll be working again this year, even though I'm working Thanksgiving. We'll see.

Donna wants Christmas at her apartment, although it's small (I haven't seen it yet). I'm willing to have it here again, especially if I do have to work.

I checked last year's Christmas list. I got the pots and pans I wanted. I finally got a haircut last month. The cats have their Drinkwell fountain, but still prefer the bathtub. I bought a "fleece" steering wheel cover, but it's getting raggedy. The raggedy black sweater I was still wearing to work last year has disappeared. Somebody bought the Sims 4 Get Together (I can't remember if it was me or Kevin, but either way, Amanda and I both get to use it).

I have been president of the Webster County Genealogical Society for several years. This year I'm secretary/treasurer and the former secretary/treasurer is the president now — Susan M. Olson. She's been doing quite a lot for the society and deserves the title.

I'm still drinking diet Dr Pepper and still need to lose weight. I'm supposed to be exercising, but no. I'm not into outdoors and haven't got the money for exercise equipment. I think I could do a treadmill if I could watch TV while doing it, but again, haven't got the money.

Still coloring, although not very often. I buy coloring books, take them apart and put into page protectors in binders so I can copy (for my own personal use only) and color. But with a couple of exceptions about a week ago, I'm trying not to buy any more. I've got enough downloaded art to print out, plus the books in binders, to last a very long time. The exceptions are books that were on clearance at Target and Walmart, including tiny books that fit in my purse and can be taken wherever. I haven't started coloring those yet.

The cats are fine.

Olive had a vet appointment in July. She doesn't mind traveling in the cat carrier and going places. But when we entered the vet's office, she started growling and hissing and continued nearly the entire time we were there.  (To be fair, the last time I took her there, I left her overnight for a spay operation.) She weighed about 10 pounds, 4 ounces.

Jock will have his appointment in January. He doesn't like traveling in the cat carrier and going places. I have no idea what he'll be like at the vet's office ... should be interesting. And I suspect he weighs twice what Olive does.

So, just a few random observations. Until next time.