Sunday, February 25, 2007

One-two whammy

It's not just an ice storm, it's not just a snow storm, it's two storms in one! (remember the old Certs commercials?)

It started with an ice storm. That began around midnight Friday with rain, freezing rain and sleet. Around 4 p.m. Saturday, it started to snow. I had gone to work Saturday (after chipping 1/4 inch of ice off my windows). I slept at Mom's apartment last night. I didn't want to risk trying to drive home in the dark. I've driven home in snow storms before, but not after an ice storm.

Church was canceled - we knew that yesterday. A TV station in Des Moines had 664 closings and delays reported just before I began this blog entry. We haven't received our Sunday paper yet - it's after 11 a.m. I'm not mad about that, because I know how bad it is.

I work at the paper, and the editor on desk last night had to leave early last night. Her neighbor works for the county and told her that the county road crews were ordered to be off the roads by 7 p.m. Her county had run out of road salt and sand.

So, I called the office this morning just before 8:30 and found out that the trucks delivering the papers had just left the printing plant 20 miles away to bring papers into Fort Dodge, where they will be distributed to the carriers.

More than 150,000 people in Iowa lost electricity because of the storm, and some will be without power for days. We didn't lost power, for which I'm very thankful. I would have driven home and brought the girls back to Mom's apartment or Donna's house if we didn't have power at home. I'm glad I didn't have to do that.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Surgery surprise

Warning: a bit gross

We got an unpleasant surprise Thursday morning. After thinking Mom would come home this weekend, we found out that she would have surgery instead.

I called my dad's house Thursday morning after Mom told me about the surgery. Michele answered, and I told her about Mom's condition and asked her to put Mom's name on the prayer rolls at the Nauvoo Temple. Michele has a health issue in her own family - a great niece who is gravely ill. So she's already called the temple once this week for someone. Michele was very reassuring and comforting.

I stopped by in the morning before I picked up my check. Mom wrote checks to pay her rent and cable bill, and her tithing (which I will pay for her on Sunday). We talked about the surgery and possible outcomes. Mom said she's sure that when she dies, Donna and I will be able to sort through her stuff without causing problems for each other. I hope so. I did tell her that I'm not ready to let her go yet and she said she's not ready to go. But she's praying "Thy will be done."

The surgeon cut away some infected flesh and the wound is packed so it can drain. I got to see Mom this evening after she was out of surgery/recovery. I walked in her room while two nurses (or a nurse and student) were taking her BP with a machine. Mom was complaining bitterly. ;) She said they were torturing her. I said, "good, then you won't miss me when I'm not here."

I got to stay with her awhile before I headed back to work.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Life is fun ...

Mom's still in the hospital. Her infection isn't cleared up yet, and because of the IV her leg is swollen to twice its normal size. We're not sure when she will get out.

I took the girls to see her Sunday after church. Later in the afternoon, Cayla complained that she didn't feel good. She got a slight fever, and around 1:30 a.m. she threw up a little. So, I planned for her to not go to school and set my alarm for 10 a.m., thinking, it's good to sleep in once in awhile.

Cayla came to me at 7:30 and said she was developing spots. Yep, she's got chicken pox. I called: her school to say she won't be there this week, the nurses' station on Mom's floor to explain that I brought a contagious child to the hospital on Sunday, the three people who visited Mom when we did (one is a superintendent at a school district, one works in a lab and one is a school teacher), a couple - the wife is pregnant and might have been exposed, the mom of the three young children Cayla played with at church, and one of the people who supervises the children's Sunday school program. Whew! My dialing finger is tired. ;-)

I had an amusing time looking up information on chicken pox (Monday) morning, too. One site has home remedies. Two people voted for applying breast milk to the spots (sorry, we're all out! Youngest child is 11.). One person suggested eating lots of pudding and applying Mountain Dew to the spots. I would think that would make you sticky. ...

In the morning, I'll need to call Cayla's school to see if I can get her books so she can work on stuff while she's at home. I think the poor kid is actually looking forward to doing homework.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another fall

Mom fell yesterday outside her apartment - in the snow that wasn't cleared from the sidewalk. She had fallen on Jan. 28, also outside, and scraped her knee that time. The scrape is infected, and I took her to the doctor's office yesterday to be seen. The doctor told her to take antibiotics, and if the infection didn't clear up, she would end up in the hospital.

Well, I took her home, let her out of the car and parked the car. I got out to help her get to her apartment, but I didn't see her. She had fallen. So, I called 911. After the last time, I knew I wouldn't be able to help her up on my own. She went to the ER, and after discussion with the doctor, they decided to admit her. Nothing is broken, but she's in a lot of pain and the infection needs to be taken
care of.

So, she could be in overnight or for a couple of days. I went to work last night for about 5 hours, so I'll try to get in 3 hours today to make up the difference. I'm not sure if I will go to the Valentine's dinner tonight at church - I might visit Mom instead, if she's still in the hospital. I kind of hope she'll be in for a couple of days, to help her get better.

After the last fall, her leg got swollen and turned purple. I really think she needs to have more care after that.