Friday, January 29, 2010


So, my car has been running fine since Monday night's incident. But I'm still planning to replace it. Kent and I went to H&R Block to get our taxes done (for the last time ever!) Wednesday. We didn't qualify for Rapid Refund or Refund Anticipation Loan. So we have to wait 8-15 days for our refund. There was no benefit at all to going there instead of going to the guy we usually go to - an AARP tax aide who does the return for free.

And we are out a couple hundred dollars for this service. Yikes.

But I'm now in a position to start looking for a new car. If I say "new" I mean "new to me" rather than actually new. So, a different car for me. After nearly getting stuck in the snow Monday night, four-wheel drive looks better and better. I do need something that is a little higher to get into, to make it easier for Mom to get in the vehicle. So a van or SUV maybe.

Kent had a Blazer a couple of years ago, which would have been fine except when the door didn't latch. It did that to me once on a trip to Ames. I held the door closed the whole way home. I even stopped at Little Wall Lake and got out, slammed the door shut, crawled in through the back, and got in the driver's seat. My arm touched the door and it popped open. I had to continue holding the door shut the rest of the way home.

I never drove it again.

Kent sold the Blazer a couple of months later, but he still brings it up. He misses it. I don't.

Anyway, so I'll be checking out local vehicle dealers and private sellers. I wish I could keep my license plate - I won't keep the car, and I like my license number. But unless I buy from a private seller and turn right around and give away/sell the Chevy, I don't think I'll be able to do that.

Oh, and for English Composition I have to do a memoir. It's only a few pages, so not a whole autobiography. There are three choices, and they can be combined: chronological, importance, and theme. I will probably do mine on a theme either of cars or travel. I have interesting tales to tell on both themes.

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