Monday, October 29, 2012

Yeah, car problems again

When I bought my current car, I was in a hurry. I didn't look under the hood because I don't know that much about cars and figured I wouldn't catch anything wrong anyway.

I was wrong.

There's this goofy thing going on with the radiator and overflow. At some point before I bought it, the hose to the overflow cracked or something, and it was repaired with some sort of putty or substance something like silicone glue but black. It didn't make a secure seal, though, so if it overheated, the coolant in the overflow couldn't go back in the radiator.

So the low coolant light was on pretty much all the time and I learned to ignore it. I put coolant directly in the radiator from time to time (not often enough as it turns out).

I even had an oil change last month and asked them to check the level and put coolant in the radiator.

And yet ...

On Saturday when the car was acting weird, I didn't notice the temperature until after I drove Cayla to church and was on my way back to work. I stopped at home instead, and ended up calling Donna to give me a ride home. But I had to get the car in the garage, because it would be towed if I left it where it was.

Saturday night Donna took me to Walmart after work and I got more coolant, which I put in the car Sunday morning. But it won't start. It made a loud sort of metallic clang when I tried, so I'm pretty sure it's toast.

I will check with a mechanic, but I'm guessing that the car isn't worth fixing - the repairs would be way too expensive. I can sell it for junk, probably get $200 to $250? But that's not enough to buy another car. I can't see myself walking to or home from work on a regular basis - it's clear across town. And I hate relying on my sister for rides - she shares her car with her daughter, who also lives across town. So I'm stuck ... not knowing what to do next.

I had hoped this car would last until I get my tax refund next year.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Blogger op: Kindle Fire

Yes, it's another Kindle Fire giveaway! This is an opportunity for bloggers to gain fans for Facebook pages or Twitter.

There is no entry fee. Simply go here for more information (the link to the signup page is there) and make your post about the event. When the event is close, you will receive HTML to post on your blog.

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There are also opportunities for bloggers to host pages and to win money.

I've got a Kindle Fire and I use it every day. I like being a part of these giveaways.

If  you sign up, please say that Carol's Random Babble sent you or use this URL:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

iPad3 Holiday Giveaway

Here's another giveaway!

To be honest, although I love the idea and the look of the iPad, I can't justify the expense for myself. I am fairly content with my Kindle Fire. But if someone were to give me an iPad? I would probably pass along my Fire without hesitation. (Probably - the Fire does fit nicely in my purse, and I use it a lot.)

And I've only held an iPad once, for a few minutes, trying to track down the owner at church when he left it behind. I have never really used one, so I don't have personal experience. But here's a chance for someone to win an iPad - no worry about the expense or whether it's better than a Kindle Fire or laptop. Just a lovely prize to enjoy. (I imagine watching videos and playing games would be much better on the iPad.)

Good luck!

Welcome to the iPad3 Holiday Giveaway Event!

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Product Features

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One lucky reader will receive an iPad 3 Generation {16Gb, Wi-Fi}!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog

or a reasonable fascimile ...

A "quick" rundown of the past few months:

Around May 4, I learned that I would have to find a new place to live because the landlady planned to sell the house I was renting.

On July 5, I signed a lease at an apartment. The next day Kent (future ex-husband) took Boo-Boo, our male cat, and my sister drove me to Des Moines to surrender our two girl kitties to the Animal Rescue League. I'm a firm believer that when you take an animal into your life, you need to be constant and not just pass them along on a whim. However, I had limited time and resources to find a place that would let us have any pets, let alone three cats. (The place we are living in specifically rules out every living creature other than human, except they allow one cat, with a $150 deposit and $25 extra per month, which I didn't know about until after we gave up our cats.)

The next week, the girls and I moved in.

We were in the process of getting settled and  unpacking and getting used to the new place. School was coming up soon and we got Amanda signed up for the alternative high school, in her last chance for a regular diploma. The GED classes are in the evening, when I'm working, and she doesn't drive, so that's not a viable option right now.

Then ...

Mom broke her leg.

It was the night of Aug. 3, a Friday. The Bohemian Hall (dance hall outside Fort Dodge) burned and we (at the newspaper) had to scramble to cover it. I was at work until midnight and was still awake when Donna called to ask me to check on Mom as Lifeline had called her. I went to Mom's (after getting dressed again, just in case, which turned out to be a good idea) and called 911. She was on the floor in the bathroom, unable to get up. They took her to the hospital, and a round of X-rays later, we find that she has broken the fibula into three pieces and the tibia has bone fragments at the base. Surgery is required.

The surgery was nearly three weeks later. Mom spent that time in a nursing home and is still there. She's not to put any weight on the left leg and is supposed to have it in the boot nearly all the time.

Since Mom's not living at her apartment, the rent subsidy doesn't apply. Neither Donna nor I can pay her rent as well as our own. The nursing home is going to be getting nearly all of Mom's Social Security. So we are packing up her things and putting them in storage. Mostly in my garage at my apartment. And tomorrow friends from church are coming to help us move the furniture and whatever boxes we have packed.

It's not nearly done, but we have to pay by the day each day this month that we are in possession of the apartment - more expense.

Anyway, my point in all of this is to say that I owe you all an apology. I apologize to those who want to read my blog and have been missing out. And I apologize to those who don't want to read it and don't mind missing updates on Facebook and Twitter. Those will resume as I start getting back into the blogging habit.

Pity my fans on In Old Fort Dodge - I haven't  updated that site since early July, and when I get a chance to, they are probably going to get a lot of updates in a short time. But that's the nature of that site - it's supposed to be daily articles, and when I go back to put them in, they will all come at once.

Well, there you have it. Now you know why I put quote marks around "quick" in the beginning.