Saturday, November 29, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway update

Entered the HP Magic Giveaway at GearLive:

Their requirements are a little more detailed: You have to have a GearLive account and post a link on Twitter. Then you post a comment on the GearLive page with a link to the Twitter post. You can earn bonus entries by posting in four other places: Facebook,, FriendFeed and your blog. I don't have a FriendFeed account - yet - but it might be worth it for this. ;-)

I can't figure out how to do Shared Link on Facebook, and I'm wondering how they can view my profile anyway - I don't want it completely open, just my friends and networks. I'll work on that later.

I also entered at Windows Connected. They want an email with a 150-word-or-less explanation on how the prize package would be used.

I also used TinyURL to make a good URL for Twitter:

HP Magic Giveaway

I've entered the HP Magic Giveaway contest at Bleeping Computer. One down, 49 to go.

Bleeping Computer's criteria is they want the winner to share. They are asking that the winner give at least one of the computers to someone else. I was already considering sharing the wealth if I win.

Here's my post at Bleeping Computer:
My first thought was that I would give the HP TouchSmart to my mom. She's 70 and currently using my old HP Pavilion, which runs Windows 98. She can't access all her favorite websites on it. I played with one at OfficeMax and it was kind of fun to play solitaire by touching the screen and moving the cards. (I'm not sure Mom would be able to lift her arm that far and long, though, she has shoulder problems.)

One of the laptops would be mine for schoolwork. My current computer can't run the Adobe products that I use for class (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator), so I rented a laptop for a few weeks and I'm currently using my sister's computer. I had also thought of giving the other laptop to my niece Jessica. Her laptop was damaged when water spilled on it a year ago. It still works, but is hard to start, the keyboard doesn't work (she has a fullsize keyboard that she uses) and the CD drive doesn't always recognize CDs. (Jessica says she wants the HP mini 1000 to take notes in school and the other full-size laptop can go to her sister Suzanna, who is also in college and doesn't have a computer.)

I guess you can see that I can share the items in the prize package, even if it's only with members of my family. Part of my school work involves creating websites and at least one of my websites (so far) is for a local nonprofit organization. In future semesters, I'll probably be doing more of those for local organizations. I also want to start a technology group at church and help people learn to use email and computer programs.

Two other blogs have their contests open:
Gear Live
Windows Connected

The blogs have a schedule when each one can release their contest. I don't know if I'll be able to enter the Spanish- and Portuguese-language blogs unless they have a version in English. But I'm entering as many as I can.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I called in sick today

I generally feel like crap: nauseated, achy, getting a headache. I barely made it through classes today, and only long enough to finish the part of a test that has to be done in class. I brought home the performance part, which is due next Tuesday.

I got 85% on the objective part of the exam, meaning that miracles still do happen.

So, after I called work, I went back to bed, until Mom called to ask me to pick up her prescription at the clinic. I told her I would do it tomorrow, and would have gone back to bed, except she asked me to make sure they are open tomorrow. So, I whipped out the phone book (I actually know where two are - they're in the same place and handy to find!) and called. Yes, they are open.

Anyway, I was going through emails and found one from Lockergnome about a contest. I haven't listened to the video yet - gotta get my MP3 player out to use the headphones, but the gist of it is that Chris Pirillo is one of 50 bloggers who is testing a hardware/software package from HP that they are then giving away. It's the HP Magic Giveaway.

The stuff they are giving away is awesome: an HP touchsmart PC, two notebook computers and an HP mini 1000 series - kind of like a mini-laptop, I guess. A printer, a MediaSmart Connect, it's all so much. I'm already imagining what I would do with it all.

Mom would get the TouchSmart, I think. It's plenty big enough and she could clear off her desktop. That would leave two laptops and the mini 1000 for me and the girls. Or I could give a laptop to my niece Jessica, who could give hers to the girls. Or ... too many possibilities.

Anyway, I'm going to enter as many ways as I can - there's a list of the bloggers at Eight of the blogs are Spanish- and Portuguese-language blogs.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

keyboard back to normal

Amanda's kitten, Chicken, walked on my keyboard and hit something and the keyboard was all messed up. I think it was scroll lock. Anyway, the keyboard is back to normal.

I can't say my life is.

The girls and I are living in a two-bedroom house outside Fort Dodge. Kent is in his own apartment, but it's nearby. He's got his key to my place and I have a key to his, but that's in a neighborly way, not for, ummm, anything else.

Anyway ...

So, I'm taking classes and working full time and life is crazy. Donna asked Mom to move in with her but recent events have made that impossible. I'll be taking on three of Donna's cats - in addition to our four and our landlady's cat that comes in and goes out as he pleases. I always said I wouldn't be the crazy cat lady but apparently I was wrong.

Today is Election Day, which translates into pandemonium at work, so I'll be working late tonight. I would take tomorrow off from class, but I've got a test tomorrow - in my first class. Yippee.

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