Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Doot, doot, doot, doot-doot-doot ...

Cayla found the Mario Live video on Albino Black Sheep and shared it with Amanda and me. Before she went to the site, though, both the girls did the Mario Brothers music with their voices. It reminded me of Amanda's first movie experience - at the age of about 2 weeks, we took her to a movie - Super Mario Brothers. We figured it couldn't do too much harm if she cried during the movie, and we were right. ;-)

Actually, her first movie experience was before birth - I went to Jurassic Park with my mom.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gotta love it

As I was walking to my car this morning to go to work, I startled a baby rabbit. I got a few pictures before it got away.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

It's been not too bad of a day, other than a headache. Amanda gave me a cute purple bear that says things when you squeeze its tummy - "Happy Mother's Day," "I love you Mom" and "Thanks for all you do Mom."
Cayla gave me a card that she made in school. It has lines cut out and cupcake papers folded three times are inserted. Each cupcake paper has something written on it - it's like coupons of things she will do for me.

Amanda didn't go to church today - she said she wasn't feeling well. I changed her password so she couldn't go on my computer. (I never mentioned, but I've got my own laptop now! and we've got a wireless network!)
Cayla had a special part in sacrament meeting today. The primary kids sang the first verse of "The Dearest Names" and "Love is Spoken Here." For "Love is Spoken Here," Cayla, Natalie D. and Tracie S. sang the second verse while the rest of the Primary kids sang the first verse. Tracie was singing in place of her daughter, Aubrie, who was home ill today. They did an awesome job.
Our Primary lesson was No. 17 - Joseph Forgives his Brothers. Cayla didn't make me proud during the lessons - she kept reacting to another student in class and making rude comments. It's definitely not the kind of behavior I want to see from her, and I could only blame it on her hyper-sensitive nature. It's something we need to work on. I actually had to take her out of the room during Singing Time because she wouldn't stop.
After church, we took Mom home. Cayla changed the kitty litter for her and I got something down off a shelf. I played some music someone purchased for me yesterday at the Winter Quarters Bookstore in Omaha. It's a CD by Cherie Call called "The Ocean in Me" that I first heard on KZION.
Cayla and I went to Wal-Mart and got some groceries. When we returned to the car, we heard the person parked behind us say, "do you need some help?" to someone parked beside us. It turned out that the people next to our car had locked their keys in their vehicle. I put away groceries while Cayla tried to help them, then knelt down so Cayla could get on my back and reach in better (the window was open a couple of inches). It took a few minutes and many tries, but she was able to do it. She used the strap of a purse I got her at the dollar store yesterday. Other coincidences: I nearly had ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut to take home but changed my mind when I called and they had a recording answer the phone, I parked farther away from the store than I like and pulled through to the second space - facing out and therefore someone could park behind me, and we came out at just the right time to hear the person parked behind me ask them if they needed help. It made my decision to go shopping on Sunday have some redeeming quality because we were able to help someone.
So, we got home and had lunch, then I took a nap. I woke up with a recurrence of my headache from earlier, but I think it's going away now. I took one Excedrin Migraine and one ibuprofen, hoping that will cover all the bases.
So, now it's after 8 p.m. and I'll probably have to wash a load of laundry so the girls will have clothes for school tomorrow. There's only a couple more weeks (well, 2 weeks, 2 days) of school left, then it's sleeping in time for me. Yay!
And, I've got one more task ahead of me. I bought a used dishwasher and I've got to rearrange stuff in the living room and dining room to bring it closer to the kitchen sink. I can hardly wait. ;-)