Monday, January 19, 2004

Saturday night on the way home from work, I nearly got hit by a deer. I was driving through Coalville, just starting down the hill to the Kalo bridge, and a deer came bounding up from the ditch on the right. I hit the brakes, but it turned and we were both okay. If it had hit me, it would have hit the passenger side, not the front. I think it was a doe, but it's hard to tell in the dark. It's kind of a blur now.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I could have sworn I blogged since Dec. 17 but I guess I'm wrong...

Well, things are in a turmoil on a board I've been on since September. A group of people started a separate board and kept it secret. If they had said, we're starting a board, I think maybe it wouldn't have been so bad... but they invited only a few. The people on the original board deleted everyone who went to the secret board. Now there are messages on at least 4 boards: (where the origanal group met), the first board, the secret board, an open board started by someone from the original board... and the fun never ends. There are extra open boards started by people on the original board, but they didn't try to sneak around. At least that's the rationale I'm hearing.

I messed up and missed the deadline to get an extension for housing, so I have to reapply and the waiting list is about 3 months long.

And that's all for now.