Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy birthday to me

I think the girls know it's my birthday ... I dunno.

Anyway, one co-worker gave me a granola bar and money for a soda - it was kind of a joke, but she gives me a Christmas present every year, so no big deal. I modified her desktop wallpaper - jazzed it up a bit, added a calendar. Wait 'til she sees next month - I didn't tell her I was going to do it for every month. Another co-worker gave me a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates. Ummm, chocolate.

Kent said he won't be able to give me anything, which is fine. We are still married but haven't lived together in over a year. He gave me some jewelry and roses for Valentine's Day last year, which was awkward.

Anyway, it's fine. Right now all I want is a good night's sleep (which isn't' happening tonight - it's nearly 1 a.m.)

UPDATE: Amanda said Happy Birthday, but Cayla apparently didn't remember until Mom said something when I picked  her up for church. We got there late (somebody was trying to read through her Relief Society lesson, somebody else took an hour and a half to get out of bed), but I had plenty of time before my lesson. People said they enjoyed it.

We had stew for supper, and I had ice cream later. No cake, but I didn't feel like baking one.

I'll take Mom to the store tomorrow, as well as pay my rent and  ... there was something else ... oh, yeah, pick up my books at the college bookstore and also call the business office to see if my account is okay. Usually by this close to the start of a semester, my classes are listed in Inet, but there's nothing there. I don't know if that indicates a problem with my account or just that the teachers haven't gotten to it yet.

Cayla has just gone to bed (it's nearly 12:30 a.m.) and she'll be hard to get up in the morning. It's a vicious cycle, and she is not cooperating in fixing it.

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