Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow day (but not for me)

We've had three bad snowstorms in two-week intervals. By bad, I mean schools closed, travel not advised, etc. The first two cut into my pay because we had early deadlines adn I couldn't make up the hours. I'm expected at work today, but haven't shoveled my car all the way out yet.

I was standing in the plowed part of the street. At this point, the plow had done one lane down the middle of the road.

 I park near the end of the driveway and shovel a path from the house to the car and around the car. Here's what I had on one side of the car.

The snowplow has been by again, so I'll go out to see what it looks like now.

UPDATE: I'm  not going to work today. I got stuck half a mile from home, called work, called Cayla to have her bring a shovel, some people helped pushed me out. Cayla was nearly where I was, so I brought her home. She thought I was still going to work, so she locked the door when she came in, and I yelled at her about it. Sorry, Cayla.

Good thing to know: when they say "travel not recommended" they might know what they are talking about.


Twolly said...

I'm pretty sure Cayla doesn't read your blog...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yikes! That is too much snow to go anywhere. Sorry you got stuck.

Thanks for stopping by my blog (via Nanny Goats). I really appreciate it.

Stay warm and be careful driving!