Friday, December 12, 2008’s Magic Giveaway with HP and Microsoft

I entered the portion of the HP Magic Giveaway in the nick of time, I believe. The rules say the cutoff is noon today, but doesn't specify time zone. Later in the rules it says something about Pacific time, so I'm hoping that's right.

Anyway, here's my two most important tips for entering these contests: 1) Read the rules and 2) Pay attention to deadlines. Many of the deadlines have already passed, and prizes have been awarded. Organizational skills will help you in your quest.

Another tip: Embrace technology. Many of the contest bloggers invite people to follow them on Twitter, to tweet a specific phrase, or to post a video. I posted my first video on YouTube to enter this contest for another blogger. I've been trying to upload it to my blog, but it's not loading properly. I had the same problem uploading to YouTube, but finally got it up from another computer.

What I would do with this prize? I've written this so many times already. ;-) Mom (70) would get the HP TouchSmart. I would get one laptop and one niece (probably Jessica) would get the other. A niece (probably Suzanna) would get the HP Mini 1000. I would love the HP TouchSmart, but Mom really needs a computer. She's using my old HP Pavilion that runs on Windows 98, and it keeps breaking down. I'd like to see the look on her face when she gets a chance to go online with the TouchSmart.

I asked Mom to imagine winning the TouchSmart and show me the expression that would be on her face. Apparently she's really, really excited - on the inside.

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