Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Favorite foods

A member of Geeks! posed the question: What is your favorite dish to eat?

My response:
Two meals I miss from when I lived in Chicago:

From the cafeteria where I worked: a buffalo chicken sandwich, fries, egg custard and Dr. Pepper. The bite of the buffalo chicken and Dr Pepper were offset by the cool taste of the custard.

From a salads-to-go delivery service that stopped at my building: a Hotsy-Totsy salad (and Dr Pepper). The salad was pasta with chunks of hot chicken (not buffalo but something along those lines) with broccoli, and peppercorn dressing.

I moved from Chicago in 1996 and still remember how much I liked those meals. ;-)

Honestly, I have thought about those particular meals since we left Chicago, including several times lately. I've considered trying to make the salad, but I'm not sure how to do the chicken. It wasn't buffalo chicken, I think the description said something about some oriental name but it's been so long I can't remember.

I can't remember everything my mom cooked when I was a kid. I do believe that I liked everything she cooked except ham and bean soup and her gravy (sorry Mom). She even made macaroni and cheese from scratch with Velveeta. My own kids are split on what they like: one likes this food but the other doesn't, then they switch on the next item. Neither one likes peas, although Cayla used to like them. I used to take great steps to make sure there was something for the kid who didn't like what we were having, but now that they are 15 and 13, if they don't like what's on the table, they can make something for themselves, even if it's only a bowl of cereal. ;-)

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