Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway: some blogs have gone live

I'm going to list the schedule by day, taken from a Google calendar*:

Nov. 28
Bleeping Computer -entered- (didn't win)
Gear Live -entered- (didn't win)
Windows Connected -entered- (didn't win)

Nov. 29
Morningside Mom -entered- (didn't win)
Thoughts on poetics & tech -entered-

Nov. 30
MediaBlab -entered-

Dec. 1

Dec. 2
Gotta Be Mobile -entered-
I Started Something -entered-
(Enter name and email addy. Bonus entry for using Windows Vista {download})
The Gadgeteer

Dec. 3
Carlos Alberto (in Portuguese)
Down-to-Earth Mama -entered-
La Bitácora de Erwin Ried (in Spanish)
moosh in indy -entered-

Dec. 4
Geeks To Go! -entered-
Geeks! -entered- (didn't win)

Dec. 5
One Day, One Job (tell how you helped someone try to get a job)

Dec. 6
Geek.com - entered- (survey)
Techie Diva -entered-

Dec. 7
InfoWester (in Portuguese)
merlot mom
Noticias Tech (in Spanish)

Dec. 8
Barb's Connected World
Planet x64

Dec. 9
Student Bloggers

Dec. 10
Gadgetell -missed deadline-
Liliputing -entered-
Slashdot Review -missed deadline-

Dec. 11
Eliax (in Spanish)
GeeksRoom (in Spanish)
Living - In Theory -entered-
Stop, Drop & Blog -entered-

Dec. 12
Digital Home Thoughts -entered-
OSNN -didn't enter- (seemed like a forum popularity contest)
SlashGear missed deadline

Dec. 13
Study Hacks missed deadline

Dec. 14
Digital Inspiration -entered-
Geekzone -entered-

Dec. 15
The Digital Lifestyle missed deadline

Dec. 16
CíberPrensa (in Spanish) didn't enter
Unión de Bloggers Hispanos (in Spanish) didn't enter

Dec. 17
Geek News Central entered once, need to listen to podcasts
JK On the Run
Last 100

*Unfortunately, I can't remember who posted the Google calendar with the schedule. When I figure it out, I'll give credit.

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