Thursday, December 11, 2008

My entry into Techie Diva's HP Magic Giveaway Contest

The HP Magic Giveaway is a chance for 50 bloggers to each share a $6,000 prize package with 50 people. Most of the contests so far have asked the winners to share with others. Here's my entry into Techie Diva's contest:

I'm a struggling college student with a big difference: I'm 47, separated, raising two daughters, working full time and sharing my home with two relatives who were evicted last month, plus all their pets (seven cats and a dog). Thanksgiving was about being thankful for a roof over all our heads.

My plans for the computers in the giveaway are this: The HP TouchSmart would go to my 70-year-old mother, who would enjoy being able to watch BYU-TV online again (my old computer which she's using runs on Win98 and she's unable to enjoy some of her favorite websites); one laptop and the HP mini 1000 would go to my two college-age nieces to help them in school; and I would get the other laptop.

My major is web technology. My problem is that the Adobe products I use in school need a newer computer than I own. I'm currently using the computer that belongs to the relative that I opened my home to, but I do have to share and when they move out, I won't have a computer at all. Because I work full time, I can't stay after classes to use the Flex Lab computers, and wasn't able to finish and turn in several assignments. I'm sure I can do better if I actually have a usable computer that can run the software I need and that I can with me to work on during my lunch break at work.

In addition, since my major is web technology, I'll be creating websites. My first project is for a local nonprofit organization. I plan to continue doing my project for nonprofits, benefitting my education and the organizations at the same time.

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