Friday, December 5, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway entry for moosh in indy

I would give the HP TouchSmart to my 70-year-old mom (not living in my house) so she can visit her favorite websites. She has been missing BYU TV online because she's using my old HP Pavilion computer runs on Win98 and can't open the videos. The TouchSmart screen is plenty big for her to see. My nieces Jessica (planning to go back to college, currently living in my house) and Suzanna (currently going to college and not living in my house) would get one laptop and the HP mini 1000. (Jessica gets first pick.) The other laptop would be mine, to do my college coursework.

My major is web technology. My coursework involves creating websites. I plan to mostly do websites for nonprofit organizations while I'm in school. I'm also thinking of starting a technology group at church to help people learn to do email and so on.

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