Sunday, December 28, 2008

Catching up: Dec. 23

I haven't blogged and wanted to catch up, so I'm starting with Tuesday. I had the weirdest dream. Well, in the top 20, maybe.

I live in a one-story house with a basement. It has a garage, and there's a breezeway in between. The yard is a good size, and fairly level. There is no ditch.

In my dream, the house was two stories, with a deck all the way around or nearly all the way around the house at the second story, which was apparently the main level. There was a ditch next to the street in the front, but apparently not all the way around. This is important to the dream. There was something about a fence near the stairs up to the deck, which is also important. The deck was redwood, which is not important, just a detail. The garage wasn't there, either, but the driveway was.

Okay, here goes:

There was a car or a couple of cars driving around through my yard. I called police, and also took a picture with my digital camera. My camera showed a message that the license plate of the car was connected to warrants in another state. I told the police this.

I walked on the driveway to the mailbox to get the mail. On the way back, I started to walk through the yard, but fell to my waist in snow in the ditch next to the street. I put my hand down in the snow as I fell and felt something. There was a boot, a child-size boot. I looked to my right and saw a white jacket with blue trim. I pulled at it and it resisted. Then I saw that there was someone in the coat, someone who was certainly dead. I called to the person I was following to the house and told them to call the police.

When I got out of the snow, I walked along the driveway to the fence by the stairs. I saw something that looked like a doll. I picked it up. It was a baby - probably less than a year old. The baby moved. I called 911 again. They told me they would meet me at the hospital in Waterloo. I told them I was calling from (a small town near Fort Dodge). They needed to send the local ambulance.

Now, this is the bare bones of the dream. The people in the cars continued to drive in circles around my house. I don't know what happened with the baby or the body in the front yard. I don't know if the boot belonged to a child that was buried in the snow. I woke up and lost the thread of the dream.

I do have strange dreams from time to time. I have written down a couple. I went back to read one and didn't remember it at first, but eventually could picture it again. Sometimes I can see a message in these strange dreams, but more often they are confusing and unrestful.

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