Sunday, December 14, 2008

How can I change the world (or a tiny corner of it)?

I would share.

My first sharing would be with my 70-year-old mom, who is using my old computer that runs on Windows 98. This computer breaks down frequently, and she can't access some of her favorite websites. Mom would get the HP TouchSmart so she would be able to see the screen easily. I would have loved to keep this myself, but the other computers are laptops and Mom just wouldn't do well with a laptop. So she would get the TouchSmart.

I did a little video with my camera that shows Mom, my husband Kent working on Mom's computer and me. (I had the hardest time uploading it, so I'm just linking to it.)

My sister's two daughters would get two of the computers. Suzanna is in college and has no computer. Jessica wants to re-enroll and her laptop has been defective since water was spilled on the keyboard last December. They would get one of the laptops and the HP Mini 1000.

I would get one of the laptops, but that would be sharing, as well. In my web technology program (I'm in college too), I will be creating websites. My first project is for the Webster County Museum (Iowa). I plan to do other projects for nonprofits in the area. There are several who have websites that need updating or reworking, and some that don't have any at all. I would share my talents with these organizations.

I also want to start a technology group at church. There are people who have computers and don't know how to use the basic features. There are people who want computers but they're scared of them. I'd like to help people learn how to send email, find information, maybe even set up a blog (on a service site like Blogger or WordPress). (I'd also like to set up a message forum for the people in my church in my area, so we can chat about lessons and so on, but that would require permission from church.)

Selfishly, I want my own computer that I can do my homework on. I'm currently sharing a computer that belongs to a relative that I took in after she was evicted. I want to acknowledge that she has control over her own things, so I try not to be demanding about using the computer. I don't have time to work on assignments after classes because I work full time in the evenings and have to rush to get to work on time. So I want a computer that I have control over and that can run the Adobe products I use in class: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and InDesign.

Thanks for taking time to consider my story. If I win, I'll do the happy dance and have someone video it and post it. Just think of the benefit that will be to others. My video would be on YouTube. I could be the next Gary Brolsma as far as funny viral videos go. (It would be along the lines of "This woman can't dance! This is freaking hilarious!") People who view the video would laugh and all their troubles would seem to fade as they realize that they will never look as ridiculous as I do dancing. So, please, pick me. Think of the humanity. ;-)


Laurie/Mobile Mommy said...

Good luck in the contest! I bet your family would appreciate the gifts and certainly the skills you are learning in school would be put to good use if you had a proper laptop! Take care!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Will you post "The Happy Dance" video on YouTube even if you don't win? That sounds funny! :)

Sounds like you have great people in mind to give these products to. Also, love that you are interested in sharing your talents and abilities to bless the lives of others. Awesome!

Good luck with the contest and Merry Christmas!

z. Smith said...

Loved the video - so nice of your husband to work on your mom's computer! Best of Luck.

Sugar said...

You and your mom sound like you have a great relationship.

Thanks for entering and good luck!

Gwynne said...

Wanting a computer for yourself is not selfish! Sometimes the best way to help others is to take care of ourselves so that we can help them even more!

Blessings to you and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, our world needs a few more hearts that are as caring as yours. I love the picture of your mother using the TouchSmart!!! She sounds like a special lady who could use a break. Thanks for sharing!