Friday, December 12, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway: what this would mean to me

The HP Magic Giveaway is an awesome package of computers, hardware, software and extras (Kung Fu Panda, anyone?). Here's what it would mean to my family:

My mom, who is 70, would have the HP TouchSmart. She would have the wide screen to easily see what she's doing. She would be able to enjoy her favorite websites. If she wanted to, she could play solitaire by moving the cards around with her finger, although she probably wouldn't do that for long with her shoulder problems.

What this means to me: I wouldn't have to send my husband over to try to fix the computer she's using - my old HP Pavilion that runs on Windows 98. Mom would be able to post on her forums, watch BYU-TV and play games.

I would get one of the laptops, which would help me in school (web technology). I don't own a computer than can run Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver. I'm using the computer of a relative who's staying with me after getting evicted last month. (I took in two relatives, their 7 cats and their dog. Thanksgiving was about being thankful for having a roof over all our heads.) With my own computer through the giveaway, I could buy the Adobe suite with the programs (I'm currently using a 30-day trial that will soon expire).

Having my own computer means not sharing and waiting on others, so I'd be able to get homework done on time instead of the weekend before finals (true story!). Although, I can't blame my lack of organization on the computer situation - sad but true. But it would enable me to take the laptop to work (oh, yeah, I work full time too, and I'm raising two daughters) and work on it on my lunch break.

The other laptop and the HP mini 1000 would be shared with my nieces - Suzanna is in college and Jessica is planning to re-enroll. Suzanna also came for Thanksgiving, and shared the computer I was planning to use to catch up on homework. She left at 11:30 p.m. (That's getting close to whining, isn't it? Sorry.) Jessica wants a computer she can take notes in class with.

So I would share this prize package with members of my family. But wait, there's more! My major is web technology and a large part of that is creating websites. My first project was for a local nonprofit - the Webster County Museum (Iowa). I plan to do more websites for nonprofits while I'm in school. So, not only would this package benefit my family, but it would benefit the nonprofit organizations I would create websites for.

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