Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

Donna drove to Waterloo to pick up Richard. We opened presents - Kent got us (girls and me) cell phones. I was stunned. We went to dinner at Hong Kong Buffet. Before dinner, Kent and I (and the girls) went to Community Pizza to pick up a pork tenderloin sandwich for Mom and took it to her. Donna got her a chocolate shake from Hardee's.

The buffet was nice - I hadn't been there in a long time. They had some (Americanized of course) Chinese food, salad stuff (including shrimp), crab legs and a lot more. I took some pictures while we were eating. Amanda kept hiding her face. She continued that when we went back to Mom's for pumpkin pie. I got fed up with her resistance and told Kent to take me to work and then come back for the girls. Amanda took a picture of herself with her cell phone camera and texted an apology to me later.

Work was okay. I made up the obit that hadn't been entered into the system for Thursday and got all the obits caught up. I did a couple of pages, but Barbara did the rest. I like to paginate, but when I'm paginating and doing obits and copy editing as well, it gets to be a bit much. So I don't mind that Barbara does the wire pages and in this case finished a couple of pages with wire content. She left early and I finished by 9:45 p.m.

Finishing early was good, because Richard had to get back to Waterloo so he could work the next day. I also had to work the next day, but Donna didn't want to drive to Waterloo again so Kent and I took Richard back (in Suzanna's car).

The roads were icing up in places because mixed precipitation was passing through. We had to stop once under an overpass to slap the windshield wipers on the windshield because they were covered in ice and ineffective. Kent drove 40 mph in places. The wind was bitter and strong.

Richard kept getting prank phone calls. Someone was using a voice distorter - it sounded like a six-year-old girl and was very difficult to understand. He kept having to ask them to repeat what they said. They gave up eventually.

I expored the options on my cell phone. I got it to access Twitter and left some tweets while we were driving. That was cool. It got me wanting to use it more. The problem is that I hate having to tap the keys multiple times to get to certain letters. I want a phone with a qwerty keyboard. So I'm thinking of upgrading.

It's funny, really. I was satisfied with my Tracfone. It had a camera, which wasn't really necessary because I have a digital camera. It had double minutes for life, which is what I really wanted. But since Kent got us all cell phones, I want more. I want the qwerty keyboard, web access, maybe a music player, more, more, more.

I think I need to stop wanting new things. But I'll do that after I get a different car (with better gas mileage), a new computer (that I can actually do my homework on), the software I need to do my homework and new glasses. That's my current list. Plus the new phone, but I haven't decided which one yet.

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