Saturday, January 10, 2009

Win a set of wool balls for your pet

Colleen Stearns (Living life one day at a time blog) is offering a set of wool balls to one lucky reader. Rules are here. The wool balls come from Purrfect Play. They have toys for dogs and cats. Although the wool balls are intended for dogs, I think our cats would like them, too.

The pet toys are made with natural fibers, no dyes. They look lovely, and I bet our cats would have a field day. I picture Boo-Boo (Buster) throwing one of the small mice up in the air and catching it, like he used to do when we lived in a place that had mice. His substitute since then has been the small mice that have actual fur. He loves those, but they do have dyes, and I have to wonder how safe the dyes are.

The added benefit of buying from a company like this is supporting small businesses. I'll admit to shopping at Wal-Mart - it's cheaper most of the time. They match advertised prices - but there has to be competition for this to happen. Supporting other businesses makes sense, and supporting small businesses is one way to keep the economy moving forward.

This wasn't intended to be a political message, honest. ;-) Just an entry to win the wool balls for our pets.

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