Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nothing really profound

I didn't go to class today. I was going to take a nap and make it to the third and fourth classes. Then I called Kent, he said he was coming over and I decided to stay home. He could have come over by himself, but I came back anyway.

I had to go into town anyway because Cayla had an afterschool meeting. I picked her up around 1:45, she said they were done at 1:30. I came when she had told me they would be done. Plus, she left her cell phone at home today, so she couldn't call or play games or anything.

Donna went to Ames today for multiple reasons. She took Mama Cat to Suzanna, who took her to a vet down there. The vet told Suzanna that Mama Cat probably has pancreatic cancer and said something about keeping her comfortable in her last days. But nothing about putting her to sleep. This was based on the vet scruffing her to pick her up and saying her skin was pulling away. Suzanna did not ask about putting the cat to sleep, so is supposed to bring her back here.

Donna also took Sophie, her dog, to a lady in Boone to give her away. Sophie is old, but needs to have a bit more attention that we've been giving her.

And, Donna bought pizza for supper. Cayla baked a cake. I'm stuffed and ready for bed. Jessica has been patient about waiting for the computer - she's playing a game on my cell phone.

I've got to come up with ideas for a couple of websites for Dreamweaver projects. We'll be working on a team project and an individual project. I haven't decided yet what I want to do. But I've got to go to class tomorrow. I've missed too many days already and it's only the second week.

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