Saturday, January 10, 2009

So my new birthday wish is

not to have to clean off my car ...

I had to shovel - Cayla's still asleep (1:37 p.m.) and Amanda's over at Kent's. Jessica just got up a few minutes ago. Donna came upstairs earlier, but went back to bed. So I shoveled a path around both cars, but didn't clean off either one. Kent came over, so he might do that. He's taking me to lunch.

I don't think I mentioned that the cell phones arrived. I got an LG Voyager with touch screen and QWERTY keyboard. It's really cool. I still feel a tinge of longing for the Palm Centro, which was my second/third choice if I couldn't get this one - I could have downloaded the scriptures onto that. But I can play Oregon Trail on this one. (I have to take off my glasses and hold it really close, though.)

Anyway, new cell phones arrived Thursday, just before I had to go to work. I've showed mine off to everyone at work - I'm sure they are tired of it.

And I have a lesson to prepare for Relief Society tomorrow: Lesson 23 “How Good and How Pleasant It Is … to Dwell Together in Unity.”

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