Monday, January 5, 2009

Books that move people

I reread "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer yesterday. I was prepared to feel superior about those people who are such fans of the series, but I kind of understand how they feel. I'm not going to change my username to BellaSwan or EsmeCullen or anything like that. But the books are enjoyable and don't damage the mythology too much.

The reference to changing my username is because I've used "CaySedai" for nearly 13 years. The Sedai part is from the Wheel of Time series by the late Robert Jordan. The last book ("A Memory of Light") of that series is being written by Brandon Sanderson and is supposed to come out later this year. Sanderson's site says that he's not done with it, so I doubt this will be the year.

The point is that books move people in different ways. There are plenty of people who have taken usernames that reflect their favorite books, whether it's from the Wheel of Time series or the Twilight series or something else. Some books entice people to play games (video, or real life) based on them.

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