Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why eMusic sucks

Pardon my language, but honestly. They don't have the artists I want to listen to, they make you sign up for a 30-day "trial" in order to download the free downloads, they gave me 50 downloads when the Pizza Hut offer was for 75, they billed my credit card before the 30 days was up, and they are making me jump through hoops to cancel my account. It's only been about 2 weeks - not 30 days.

So I'm trying to cancel my account but the site keeps directing me to the page where I'm supposed to update my credit card into or the FAQ page. The FAQ doesn't include my particular problem, which is how to extricate myself from their substandard service.

And back to the original part - they don't even offer what I want. Type in "Coldplay" and you get this:
We’re sorry but in order to keep eMusic download prices at less than half of iTunes® and Amazon® we currently do not have albums by Coldplay.

They do, however, offer Coldplay songs sung by other artists - people I've never heard of. They may be quite good, but they are not what I'm looking for. I downloaded some foreign language MP3s and should have canceled right away but wanted to see if anything interesting turned up later.

Anyway, hopefully they will let me cancel and this nightmare will be over. I only have a prepaid credit card and I can't load more money on it if I think they will be taking it for nothing. GRRR!

UPDATE: I got an email saying they had canceled my account and would not bill me any more. I'll wait and see, and check my credit card balance. It shouldn't be that difficult to contact people for customer service, but at least once I was able to actually contact them, they acted quickly.

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