Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things I was going to do ...

Well, I was going to blog the Sunday School lesson for BJ, and I was going to blog the Relief Society lesson here, and I was going to clear crap out of the driveway - especially after the car got stuck, and I was going to go hunting for Hatchlings eggs and update the Links with Eggs list and do laundry.

I did one load of laundry and updated the Links with Eggs list. I also took a nap, but woke up crabby. I calmed down after a bit and feel almost human. I haven't had supper yet, but I'm sure I'll feel better after I eat. (Leftover macaroni salad, but at least I won't have to cook.)

And I should get my books ready for class tomorrow - should be my first full day of classes since the semester started last Wednesday (missed Wednesday because I was sick, missed Thursday because my car wouldn't start, missed 1 1/2 classes Friday because I couldn't get my act together).

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