Monday, February 27, 2012

Some days just suck

(Sorry, long post and a bit of whining. Feel free to skip this one if that bothers you.)

This will be my last post typed on this particular computer. I will complete a couple of Family Search Indexing batches I had downloaded, and then remove all personal information from it before boxing it back up and returning it to the store.

It's the only way I can think of to get cash to get my car towed into town so I can possibly fix it or if the fixing is too expensive, try to get another car.

And yes, I'm feeling a teensy bit sorry for myself.

But on the other hand, I kind of brought it on myself by buying the laptop in the first place. Had I saved that money, it would have been available without all the hassle of returning something and I wouldn't be moaning about the laptop.

And my (I thought brilliant) idea about using my tax refund to pay my tithing for the year so I wouldn't have to constantly fret about it was apparently the wrong idea, I was informed at church yesterday. We're supposed to pay tithing "as we go" throughout the year. My idea was that by paying it in a lump sum I could avoid that sinking feeling each paycheck when I realize that it's a choice between putting gas in the car so I can get to work or paying tithing - I choose putting gas in the car.

This goes back several years to one particular time when I had $75. I had a choice - pay tithing or buy groceries. Following all the stories I had heard over the years of people who paid tithing when faced with a similar choice would find groceries at their door or whatever, I paid my tithing. I don't remember exactly what transpired after that, except that we didn't have any miracles. I probably had to pawn something or borrow money from my mom. That left me a bit wary of hoping for miracles.

So this year I tried to, I don't know, take the easy way out? In my mind it's like an alcoholic changing the route he (or she) walks home in order to avoid the bar where temptation lies. I feel like I have enough bad habits to change that getting one problem out of the way leaves me free to work on other issues.

But apparently I was wrong.

And now, I will be taking back the PC I shouldn't have bought in the first place and I knew it. Since it's out of the box, they will probably take out a restocking fee, but it's still better than what I have now. And at least I still have a computer to work on, even if it doesn't play my Sims games that I love. I spend too much time goofing around anyway. :-(

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