Friday, February 24, 2012

Blame it on the kid

A snow day, 2-hour delay and yet ...

Despite my efforts and the extra time to sleep, Cayla is going to miss the bus again.

Which means I have to drive her to school, and since I have to work some time this morning, I might as well just go to work.

The difference between today and yesterday is that when I'm done with my morning assignment today, I will be heading home for a nap. Yesterday I didn't because of threatening weather, but today I've got to have more sleep.

I may be getting ahead of myself by predicting a missed bus, but I doubt it. She's got 10 minutes to get dried off, dressed and out the door. But since it's already after 9 a.m., whether she misses the bus or not at this point I'll probably go to work early any way. It's just more fun to blame it on the kid.

(Update: She made the bus, not at her stop but still within the little town where we live. I still have to go into town and since I'm up, I might as well do it sooner rather than later. I'm in a better mood now, anyway. I've been frantically looking for a receipt for an item I need to return to OfficeMax and just couldn't find it. But after calling the company, I found out that the emailed receipt that I do have will suffice, and they can also look up the transaction at the store if I don't get that printed out. So I can take back the monitor I no longer need since I got laptops for Cayla and me, and use the money to pay bills. Yay, OfficeMax!)

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