Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pure indulgence

So, I've been wavering over the last few days. Buy a desktop computer that can handle the games I want to play (and also Photoshop and Illustrator), built a PC or buy a laptop. Of the three, I like laptops best, but thought maybe I could get more value for the money from a desktop PC, and even more if I built it myself (it was actually Amanda's idea).

So, on Saturday, I went to Office Max with the intention of buying a desktop that was on sale. I left with a monitor but no PC, and planned at that point to build one.

Yet, I wavered. And this morning, after looking at too many options available (this barebones kit includes the processor but no graphics card, this other one has a graphics card but no processor, and neither included the operating system - and that was just between two systems) I was leaning again toward getting a middle to higher end laptop available and on sale at Office Max.

And yet ...

On the front page of the ad was a basic laptop for $300. I could get two of those for the price I was willing to pay for a better laptop, and then Cayla could have her own and we wouldn't have to share. I brought up this idea to Cayla, she said don't get it right away because she wants to look at it first. So I dropped her off at school and went to Office Max to look at what they had.

The $300 was not available. (I've since looked on the website and it's sold out.) So I started looking at more expensive laptops, thinking I could spend $400 on mine and $300 on hers when they get one in (not knowing at that point they are sold out). I bought some other stuff and left.

I didn't get very far. I turned around and went to get money out and went back to Office Max. After looking over my options, I decided on a Toshiba Satellite. It costs as much as the two cheaper laptops, but I have still promised Cayla she will have her own.

So now, I've got software to download and to install. But I've been messing around on Facebook like I could do with my old emachine desktop. I need to get to work.

And I need to find the receipt for that monitor that I won't be needing since we'll all have laptops of our own.

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