Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New giveaways coming up

I will be hosting a giveaway on my blog in the next few days, but more on that later.

Here's the big news and if you have your own blog and want to participate, please sign up for this using my blog name, Carol's Random Babble, as the referring blog:

  Cost: $7 to enter, $2 is admin fee due to the magnitude of the giveaway, $5 is for Facebook Link only which will be due on May 13 to the winner of the giveaway. In addition, each blogger will supply the winner with $5 paypal cash. (This one is going to cost A LOT of my own time to organize, set up and make it a success I’m certain it will be. I’m pretty sure it will make the HP giveaway look like child’s play.)

When: Blogs can sign up until March 30, 2012. Giveaway runs April 1st- May 13, 2012 which is Mother’s Day.

How it works: There will be teams: The number of teams depends on how many people sign up. If 100 bloggers sign up, the teams will be divided into 10 bloggers per Rafflecopter and which means there will be 10 Rafflecopters. Once the entrant has entered the giveaway via team 1 RC, they can move on to another team 2 RC and enter there as well. They can enter on all ten RCs!

This is how the prize will work. 1 winner will be selected from each of the Team Rafflecopters. Each winner from each team RC will receive the cash prized from that winning RC. The bloggers on that team RC will send their $5 to the winner. For example: Team 1 RC has ten bloggers in it. Jane Doe wins Team 1 RC. All ten bloggers on Team 1 RC send Jane Doe $5 paypal cash for a grand total of $50 winnings for Jane Doe. Each Team RC will do the same thing for their winner. Finally, all cash winners from each team RC will be put on a new RC drawing. will select one of those cash winners to be the grand prize winner of the NETBOOK COMPUTER!

Bloggers win too! All bloggers on the Rafflecopters will be entered into a drawing at the end of the giveaway to win $100 paypal, courtesy of LaDonna Dennis. At the end of every month, from now until the giveaway starts, all bloggers who’ve entered and PAID their fee will be entered into a drawing to win $25 paypal for that month.

RULES: You must agree to follow the rules of this giveaway.
  1. Sign up and pay your $7 fee.
  2. Agree to pay the cash winner on your RC $5 via Paypal.
  3. Find as many others participants as you possibly can to come and join us on this fabulous giveaway. The more sign ups, the more LIKES! If 100 bloggers sign up, you will get the traffic from their fans coming to enter your RC and vice versa.
  4. Make sure all the bloggers you refer put your blog’s name in the signup sheet.
  5. The Blog with the most referrals will get their $7 sign up fee returned. And I will pay your $5 cash winnings as well.
  6. You must advertise the sign up for this giveaway on your blog, both via a post and a button in the sidebar.
  7. Once the giveaway starts all members signed up are required to advertise the giveaway via all their social networks and by placing a button in their sidebar. Important Information for Entrants: Entrants can enter all Team RCs. They can enter Team 1 RC and complete all the entries, then they can go on to enter all remaining team RCs. Technically, they could win all the Team RCs! On each team RC, they could win up to $50 paypal cash. Each blogger on the Rafflecopter will pay the winner $5 paypal cash.

And, the best part: All Rafflecopter winners will be entered into a selection for the Grand Prize: the NETBOOK! ALL IN ALL THIS GIVEAWAY WILL ONLY COST EACH BLOG THAT SIGNS UP A TOTAL OF $12! $7 due at the time of sign up and $5 due May 13 when the winners are selected. SIGN UP NOW FOR MORE LIKES AND TRAFFIC THEN YOU CAN IMAGINE


Remember: referring blog is Carol's Random Babble, blog owner's name is Carol Foltz.

I participated in a giveaway administered by the same person, and went from 2 likes on my Facebook page (I was one of them) to 1,374 likes. If you are a blogger who wants to promote your blog, this is a quick and easy way to do it. The fact that I have signed up two of my sites for this should tell  you that I believe it works.

This giveaway opens on April 1 and runs through May 13. The previous giveaway I was in ran from Feb. 15 to Feb. 28. So, this one will run three times longer than the first one I participated in, giving the bloggers more time to get fans.

I will post more as we get closer to the time of the giveaway, and of course throughout the giveaway. Good luck to those bloggers who participate!

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