Saturday, February 18, 2012


So I'm participating in this giveaway. So far, more than 800 people have liked my Facebook page (and presumably are also following me on Twitter).

And I'm starting to feel a little tense.

We're only 3 days into the giveaway, which ends Feb. 28. Potentially thousands more people may be reading my blog. I feel pressured to entertain and inform. I should be working on blog posts daily, coming up with new, unique things to say to keep the audience captivated by my wit and charm.

Or, I could just go to bed and read until I fall asleep.

To all my new readers: thanks for coming here or liking my blog on Facebook or following me on Twitter. I hope to keep a few of you after the giveaway is over,

If you are interested in history, mosey on over to In Old Fort Dodge, my history blog. I find and transcribe newspaper articles from the early days of Fort Dodge, Iowa. There you will find some fine writing. And some humor, some scary things, and once in a while, truly gross stuff. The journalistic standards of the late 19th and early 20th century are interesting, to say the least.

I feel pressure with that site, as well, but it's more about making sure I type in enough articles, and less about bringing forth wondrous prose from the bowels of my imagination. Typing the articles is much easier.

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