Sunday, December 12, 2010

Safety first

In the past, there have been times that I didn't go home for days because of the weather or even stayed in town one night unexpectedly. I have even said my motto is that I drive like an old lady so I can be one.

Last night was another unexpected overnight in town. The weather started with rain Friday night into Saturday, and the temperature dropped, bringing dangerous wind chills. Rain turned to snow, but a light snow that blew waves across the road.

I made it into town with no problems, top speed of 45 mph. We worked on the paper quickly, and all the pages were over before 8 p.m. (For those who were expecting the lottery numbers in their papers, so sorry, but I was hoping to go home last night.)

My boss went home - she lives in town - and she called (twice!) from her house to tell me to not go  home. The visibility was so bad in town she thought it was a bad idea to go anywhere. After her second call, our photographer called. He lives out of town, even farther than I do. He said he and his wife were stuck in a ditch on their way home.

So I called my mom, who reminded me that her recliner is broken and won't go back. She offered her floor, but I prevailed upon my sister, who agreed to let me stay there. She called into work, and it sounded like the whole overnight crew bailed on going to work. I slept in my niece's bed - she is at a friend's house this weekend.

The skies were clear this morning, and the roads were about 99 percent ice-free. There were a couple of places where I slowed down because snow was blowing across the road and a couple of places that were icy or snow-packed. But I made it home safely.

A sad side-note: I noticed that Kent's car was parked at his friend's apartment and I could tell he had been there overnight because the snow behind his car was  undisturbed. Kent was on the phone when I walked in, talking to Cayla. As it turns out, his friend was supposed to go to the hospital yesterday but didn't because of the weather. And he died in the night, while Kent was at his apartment. Kent woke up this morning to discover his friend had passed away. So he's understandably upset.

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