Friday, December 3, 2010

Inexplicable Twitter

I was quite active on Twitter for awhile, then dropped off the radar, so to speak. But I kept getting these "*** is following you on Twitter" e-mails, which I do check out. So I created a filter to put them all in one folder so I can deal with them when I feel like it. I just haven't felt like it in some time.

Now the e-mails are just going to my inbox, which is annoying. But the perplexing question is, why are these people following me on Twitter? I've done maybe half a dozen tweets in the last month.

But that reminds me, it's time to (maybe) tweet again.

I've been playing Office Max's Elfmas Town. It has some cute and somewhat annoying games, but the one I play is Holiday Grab Bag. You choose from 3 possible presents. So far I've won a $10 gift certificate, a pen and 100 rubber bands. The rubber bands are points you can use to get coupons to save money at Office Max. I think the coupons you are offered are based on how many rubber bands you have, and those are reset daily.

So my prize for today was rubber bands (points). I'm not tweeting about that.

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