Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So I didn't sleep so well last night

Events lined up to cause me to have to sleep at Mom's last night - in her recliner. Not the most comfortable "bed." I stayed up late and woke up early - Mom opened her door and got the paper around 5:30 a.m. I didn't go back to sleep after that - just watched TV until about 7 and then left.

The events that lined up were because of bad weather. We got rocked by a storm Tuesday night. Rain poured down and, as happens when it rains hard, certain roads were impassable. The railroad underpass on Highway 169 was flooded. There was water over the road on the main route I take to get home. I decided caution was best, so I didn't attempt to go home. I did get a nap in my own bed, but I'm still feeling the effects of not enough sleep.

BTW, I'm not complaining about your hospitality, Mom. You were quite accommodating, especially when I showed up late at night without calling. It's just circumstances.

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