Monday, February 3, 2003

Well, another day of time wasted. The weather was getting bad when I went to class, and when I got out (1 hour later), it was pretty bad. I went to pick the girls up. The schools were releasing early, but I was going to pick them up anyway. I didn't want to make another trip to town in the weather we were having. It was snowing and blowing heavily. Visibility was nearly 1/2 mile. Roads were slick. The scariest thing about all that is what are the other drivers doing. I did slide a couple of times but managed to keep control.

I've been playing too much Neopets again. The 3rd of the month is half price day at the shops, so I've been trying to stock up on stuff. Unfortunately, nothing was available for most of the day. I finally got something to show up just before Kent got home. He took over the computer and gave it back around 10.

I need to type up my notes for art class. Apparently, I have been doing too much. The person for whom the notes are intended doesn't want all the stuff I've been doing. She just wants the important parts. I kind of thought it was all important, but I'll cut it down to size. Maybe she'll say it's not enough next time. Oh, well... I just have to do it, I will get paid. That's the thing that keeps me going in the face of underappreciation.

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