Thursday, February 13, 2003

Something I didn't notice til Wednesday - my car's mileage rolled over to 263,000 miles on Tuesday night. It must have been on my way home. I was so tired that night I wouldn't have noticed if confetti and balloons had dropped down. Some nights I'm so tired that I'm amazed I don't end up in a ditch. It wouldn't be so bad if we still lived in Fort Dodge and I only had a short distance, but Otho is about 10 miles away and it's 55 all the way there. I'm an accident waiting to happen.

Okay, I was thinking about what I wanted to say while I was driving home tonight...unfortunately, I have forgotten. Let me think. Oh, yeah... I was thinking about how vindictive I get while driving sometimes. Most of my way home is on Highway 169 as a four-lane, but a mile before the turn-off for Otho, it goes to two lanes. Even so, I expect oncoming drivers to not use their high-beam headlights when approaching, but the concept of courtesy to other drivers seems to be lacking in many people. Similarly, I get a little steamed at people behind me with their brights on. I love to let them pass me, and when they do, they are now in front and I will keep my high beams on just for them. I know it's petty, but maybe they'll learn a lesson. Maybe.

I used to (when I did my blogs at my web site) give each day's entry a title. I kind of like thinking of a theme for the day. I haven't implemented that on this one... yet. We'll see.

Catching up: Cayla lost a tooth on Feb. 5. She forgot to put her tooth under her pillow that night, so she didn't get her money until the next night, when she remembered. Then, she lost another tooth Friday morning (Feb. 7). We were getting ready for school, so I taped the tooth to the side of the fridge, thinking this is a good place for it - easily accessible, easy to see and not forget, not easily lost... oops. When we got home that afternoon, Cayla immediately went to the fridge, started to take the tooth off the fridge, and dropped it somewhere on the floor... maybe. I'm afraid it may be between the fridge and counter, in which case, the tooth fairy will stiff her on this one. If it's not under the pillow, she gets nothing. Just call me Mommy Meanie.

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