Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I added a "cast of characters" to my blog so people can figure out who the heck I'm talking about (that is, if anyone is reading this besides me...)

I went to Relief Society tonight. Jessica volunteered to help with the nursery again. I feel guilty about relying on her all the time, but it does get her out of the house. I gave her a scrapbooking book and templates that I had. It's nearly new, and the templates were only used once when Jessica was here watching the girls. Anyway, I think she likes it. And I do appreciate all the help she gives me.

Enrichment Night was about music - how it can help in many ways - bonding with family, growing spiritually, etc. Sister McCall read from her journal some thoughts about when she was young and her dad would play his guitar and sing her to sleep. It was really well-written. It wasn't the stream of consciousness type of journal like mine is. I didn't speak up during the lesson, but I was thinking of a lullaby I used to sing to the girls when they were babies. I had a little book called "Rock Rock My Baby" by Kay Chorao. I made up a tune to the words in the book and would sing it to the girls when they cried. They seemed to like it, or they went to sleep in self-defense. (Have you ever had your kid ask you to stop singing? Happened to me.) Anyway, little Peter Hill was fussing after the lesson and Jessica picked him up. He got fussier, so I stepped in. I held him and started singing that song... and soon realized I had forgotten most of the words! Well, Cayla is 7, so it's been a few years since I've sung it, but I still felt bad. I was reduced to humming the melody. Peter didn't seem to mind - he calmed down a little, as long as I kept humming that song. When I started singing another song (softly), he got fussy again, so Heather came over and took him back. Ah, well, my youngest child is 7 and it will be many, many years before I will be a grandmother, so I can either wait til then or keep my skills polished by keeping up with the infants at church. I like that second option better. I miss having a baby to hold.

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