Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a week

Okay, mostly minor things. I did say mostly.

Last Friday, payday. Paid some bills, gave Kent gas money (yeah, I know, but he's been taking Cayla to school on the days she misses the bus, which is nearly every day), oh and was involved in a minor traffic accident. No apparent damage to my car, which was rear-ended at a stoplight.

Saturday, work.

Sunday, missed church, went to work.

Monday, snow storm started. I made it to work, but stopped at Hy-Vee first, to pick up a cake. It was my birthday and Sandy Mickelson's birthday (also her anniversary) and Jesse was back at work for the first time since Christmas (and the surprise birth of his son at 27 weeks). I did not get an inscription on the cake, because there wasn't room for:
Happy anniversary Walt and Sandy
Happy birthday Sandy and Carol
Welcome back Jesse

although it would have been funny.

Tuesday, day off and also a snow day. I also went into town and paid some bills and did a little shopping.

Wednesday, Cayla had a dentist appointment, after which I got some money out of the bank and put gas in my car (actually Cayla pumped the gas - go Cayla!), then on the way to the library, was rear-ended near an intersection. Again. No apparent damage, again. Now it's about time to head to church. Let's hope it will be a non-eventful trip.

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