Sunday, January 2, 2011

My life isn't that bad, apparently

My life? Well, I work at a job where I don't always feel my efforts are appreciated, and haven't had a raise in a while. I support two frequently unappreciative and occasionally surly teen daughters, one of whom recently dropped out of high school and the other one apparently thinks I never know what I'm talking about. (Yes, I keep telling you to go to bed early so you can wake up in time to go to Seminary or at least catch the bus to school. There's a reason I keep telling you - it's because you aren't doing it!) I have a hard time paying my bills on time, which is made harder recently. My microwave conked out and the oven in the stove needs something - maybe the thermostat is not working, so I can't bake now either. My car has a cracked windshield that I worry every day is going to just pop - especially in winter weather with the difference between the outside temperature and the heat inside the car. My mom lives on her own, but I worry about her, too.

However, I'm currently praying for: a co-worker whose husband is recovering from hip replacement surgery but has confusion issues, another co-worker whose first child was born at 27 weeks, an online friend on bed rest to prevent premature labor, another online friend who lost her full-term baby just before Christmas, and am now adding to the list a blogger who suffers from deep depression (and she's pregnant). Of course, my list includes family members, although I need to expand that list as well.

So, while I can't afford health insurance but don't qualify for Medicaid, at least I'm reasonably functional. If my microwave and oven don't work, at least I have a slow cooker and the top of the stove. My car runs and gets much, much better gas mileage than my old car (approximately 26-28 mpg vs. 12-14 mpg), which is extremely important in a time when gas is around $3/gallon. While I may feel underappreciated at my job, at least I have one and I (usually) do it well, even the parts I don't like. And I have a roof over my head, which is also important.

And, while I have thought for a very long time that I should see a doctor to see if I really am depressed, right now that's not an option. But looking at the lives of others, I see that depressed or not, I'm not in that bad a place. I'll struggle on with my own trials and pray for others with theirs.

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